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A little note

A little note

Daiso Japan Singapore finds in my Crafting corner

When my blogger friends from Influencers Unlimited Singapore suggested that we make a blog post about our favorite items from Daiso, I was a little bit overwhelmed, for I have tons 😂. So not to make this post all over the place, I decided to concentrate on one spot of our home.

I used to do my editing and crafts inside our bedroom, but since I have trouble sleeping at night and read Why You Shouldn't Do Work In Your BedroomI now have my own little corner at our dining area where I do things not related to sleep or rest.

1. Daiso Wallpaper

I love their wallpaper collection; since I don't want to look at a bare blank wall, I decided to cover it with wallpaper.

2. Daiso Picture Frames

Who doesn't love their picture frames? They come in different sizes and variety that I am sure you will find something that will suit your need. 

3. Daiso Wooden Letter Series

The wooden letters (not sure what it's called) came in this brown color. To personalize it, I painted it red and put some glitter paint on it too. R is for my hubby Rodel, and C is my nickname Cheche since they didn't have the letter V when I purchased this. Oh, C could also be for Chuchubells.

4. Daiso corkboard and blackboard mini stand

This was an impulse buy, as most of my purchases from Daiso 😂. I initially wanted to use it as part of my background for my Youtube videos. But I wanted to see some words of affirmations in my view. Yes, it is essential. Affirmations are often used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or the world and our place within it. They are also used to help us create the reality we want.

5. Daiso Maison Clement Container

This is one of their best sellers. Remembered that there was a point that people were hoarding this item 😂.  It came in 2 colors, if I am not mistaken, beige and pink, colors that I am not so fond of, so spray painted it black.

6. Daiso Stacking Rack

This is suggested to be used in the kitchen, but since my crafting table is not that huge, I need space to put my items in an organized manner. This is great for I can store my pens and paints in one area of my table.

7. Daiso Photogenic Sheets in Basic and Pink

I usually take photos of my projects. I enjoy using this as a background for such pictures; it comes in 4 sheets with 8 designs plus 4 accent cards. This will be great if you are taking a flat lay photograph.

8. Daiso Lace Partition

In times where I need a more significant background or backdrop, I use this lace partition. I like how it gives contrast and texture to my photos. It is also easy to keep, for I could just roll it back to its original packaging.

9. Daiso Wine Cooler

This is something that I re-purposed. As much as I enjoy drinking red wine from time to time, I didn't use this for that purpose. I used this as my trash bin on my table. Doing crafts can be messy, I enjoy using this for it reminds me to throw my rubbish whenever I am done since it could not accommodate a lot.

10. Daiso Mickey Mouse Mini broom and dustpan

Another impulse buys, hahaha 😂. I am such a Mickey Mouse fan that when Daiso launched their Mickey Mouse collection, I have to buy them. This is small enough that it is easy to store, and it does help me cleaning my table after a very messy crafting session.

So that's it, my 10 Daiso finds for my crafting area. I usually visit Daiso Plaza Singapura, Novena Square 2, and Thompson plaza, so if you happen to see me, please do say hi! I promise I don't bite 😂😍.

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Write in the comments, what are your favorite Daiso finds? Are you an avid Daiso shopper like me?
I am also planning to write another post about my Daiso finds Home and Beauty. Will you be interested?
Until my next adventure, remember to be courageous, kind, and a blessing to everyone you meet!



  1. I like your little work area! Like how you make use of the lace partition to add texture to your photos too, good idea!

  2. I didn't see the sheets before! Will keep a look out when I go there. :)


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