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A little note

A little note

I screamed, you screamed, we all screamed for ice cream!! The new kid on the block.. San Miguel Gold Label Ice Cream

Here it goes!!! I can do this hahaha. If you guys have been following me on social media it wouldn't surprise you that I love ice cream as in it goes way back since I was a small (yes, I was small once) Ice cream is my comfort food just ask my Tita and Tito, it's something that will always put a smile on my face.
Growing up in Sampaloc, Manila I will wait for Manong Sorbetero in the afternoon to get my almost daily ice cream fix, so now you know all my bubbliness and positivity is fueled by ice cream from such an early age hahahahahha.
And the other Ice Cream I grew up loving, is Magnolia Ice Cream, above is the old Magnolia House in Aurora Blvd, this place gives me so much memory that I was even hesitant to write about it for I might be crying while writing haha haha. We usually go here after our Sunday mass at Our Lady of Mt Carmel (yup, the Church that I got hitched), and frankly, that is the reason why my parents can drag me out of the house to go to Church for I know we will get some ice cream after hearing mass.
Now it's been replaced by Robinson's Magnolia Condominium 😭
And every time I will get my favorite, Banana Split 😍.
When it comes to ice cream Magnolia has been a household name and has always been part of family and friends gatherings at home.
So when a friend of Good Food Cravings asked me if I want to help in their Pop Up Store...of course, I said "Hell Yah!!!" 
Hold on...a disclaimer, some might say I am biased hahahaha ok a little bit but since I've been staying in Singapore I've been eating Hagendaaz and Ben N Jerry's ice cream for the past 18 years 😂 so please don't judge me if this post is emotionally driven.
Good Food Cravings has opened their 1st ever pop up store in Lucky Plaza 04-01A to sell the ever famous Filipino ice cream Magnolia Gold Label Series (when exported out of the Philippines they carry the name San Miguel Gold Label, more info HERE
They were able to bring flavors to Singapore. All time favorites Mango, Ube, Ube Keso/Cheese, Macapuno Ube and 3 new flavors Mango Dark Chocolate, Mango Salted Caramel and Avocado Macchiato which FYI Singapore is the 1st to carry outside the Philippines 🤗.
Did you know that:
Guimaras’ Mangoes are the only mangoes allowed to be served at the White House and The Buckingham Palace.
Guimaras’ mangoes are exported to other countries and they are even served at the White House and The Buckingham Palace. (source) and San Miguel Mango Ice Cream is made from Guimaras Mangoes.
While Ube is made from Good Shepherd. Ube Jam. Mountain Maid Training Center Good Shepherd Baguio City. You help send a Cordillera Youth through college each time you buy their products. 
Ube Keso 
Ube (Purple Yam) with cheese tidbits
Avocado Macchiato.
Avocado mixed with ground tablea bits swirled with coffee ripple.
Macapuno Ube Ripple
coconut sport with purple yam ripple
Avocado Macchiato
Avocado mixed with ground tablea bits swirled with coffee ripple.
 Mango Dark Chocolate 
Mango blended with dark chocolate stracciatella swirled with dark chocolate fudge sauce. 
Helping them these past few days made me connect again with the Filipino community I've been the only Filipino in my workplace for 10 years, and yes I miss speaking in Tagalog and another yes I miss working in the retail industry, well not enough though that I would come back 😍😂.
We are opened during Sundays which is also the off day of most of the FDW, I loved talking to them and listening to their stories.
These group of ladies decided to share a tub of ice cream, they ate it in the shop and I was happily watching them enjoy it. They only see each other during their off day so they make the most of it and one of them was asked by her boss to buy 2 tubs of ice cream to bring home.
This lady is awesome, she came to the shop and asked if we sell the ice cream in pints which we don't, she did say that she can't finish it all by herself. She went out and I actually heard her asking $2 from her friends if they want to eat ice cream, at first I thought she was joking, a few minutes later she came back and bought a tub to share among her friends who contributed. I did tell her that she could actually just collect $1, in which she replied not all of them can afford to even spare $1, so she and her friends decided to share it among all her church mates. Such a resourceful and big-hearted lady, and oh she did collect more than she needed, she will be back next week to buy another tub to share with them.
I thought that only Filipinos will be buying, but to my surprise, we have local customers too 😱, either they got to taste it during their visit to the Philippines, or their helper brought it back during her vacation, it was really heartwarming knowing that they love it.
If you are a Kabayan who misses our beloved Magnolia Ice Cream or a local who has been to the Philippines and loved it or someone who is just curious why San Miguel Ice Cream is being called the best in the world. Drop by Good Food Cravings Pop Up store, they are opened from 11 am - 8 pm daily until 2nd Jan.
Don't forget to follow them on Facebook to be updated on their next Pop Up store location.
Are you excited that finally San Miguel Ice cream is available in Singapore?? What is your favorite flavor and what do you want them to bring in next? Let me know in the comment section.
Till my next adventure, remember to be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone.



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