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A little note

A little note

Our Wedding Speech

"Marriage is finding that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
I am not sure from whom this quote came from but this is definitely us hahahahahah. We've been married for 3 years now.
Looking back, what they say is true you wouldn't remember a thing hahahaha I know I got upset with something and I know I was excited but you ask me now what was it, I might just answer you with a smile.
So what is this post about then, well I wanted to share with you our speech during that day, I just love reading our speeches it was written sincerely and maybe with a bit of help from Google 😏, I am trying to upload the video into Youtube but I still haven't gotten the chance to edit it yet.
So here it is our speeches, hoping that it could help some couples out there who are in need of inspiration.

To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted, & sometimes just to be held.
I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude shared by myself and my new bride Maria Victoria Galang Dela Cruz for being with us in this very special occasion; to the people who relentlessly helped us to make our dream wedding come true.
To all our Ninongs and Ninangs , families, and friends who are all gathered and witnessed our union as we profess our love for one another.
For Mommy Violy  and Daddy  Pablito even though you are not here with us, we know you two are with God's grace now and looking down gracing us. I thank both of you for bringing this wonderful woman beside me whom I share my love and life with. Please rest assured that I will always court her every day and make her happy for the rest of my life.
Most importantly to my wife, thank you for always being there for me and taking that first step of walking down the aisle to become Mrs Dela Cruz. I will forever cherish every moment and every single day of my life with you. I will be a good husband to you and a good father to our children.
Tulinday, I give you my heart, mind and soul, I may not be the perfect man for you but trust that I will swim oceans and cross deserts just to make you happy. It is not the end of a search but it is the beginning of a new adventure and chapter of our lives as Mr and Mrs Dela Cruz....
Once again, thank you and please enjoy the rest of the evening.

I know it’s not traditional for the bride to make a speech at her wedding, but anyone who knows me knows how hard it can be to keep me quiet and today is no exception! However I'll try to keep it short good luck to me!
Firstly I’d like to thank everybody who helped with the preparations today. You know who you are and you are very special people. I am grateful to have your help, support and friendship in my life.
In particular I’d like to thank the creators of the internet, without whom this wedding could never have taken place! And I would not have found our wonderful awesome suppliers. I love you guys! You Rock!!!
I know most of you took time off work and travelled a long way to be here and I want to say how much it means to us to share our day with family and friends that love us. I know for the majority of you it meant making huge efforts of rearranging your personal lives as well as arranging travel and accommodation and we appreciate that more then you realize.
Today I also gain another set of family, when I met all of you I felt welcomed and accepted. I feel like I’ve been a part of your family forever. I'm very lucky to have such great in-laws. Nanay, Thank you for raising Rodel and rest assured I will look after him and love him just as well.
I would like to thank my aunts and uncles support and guidance throughout my life.
My cousins, for being my side kicks.
My nephews and nieces for making me look and feel like the coolest Tita in the planet.
A massive thank you to my maid-of honor, Chiqui, my sister and Jason my brother in law thank you for everything especially for giving us Theo and Jonah. I’ve never told you this, together with Ninang Tita & Tito Alfonso, Tita Mileth & Tito Willy, Tito Jojo & Tita Jane. You guys are my model for what marriage should be; many years of laughter, tears, compromise, understanding, dependability, and above all, love. From you both I learnt that marriage is about forgiveness and patience, being together through the good times and never giving up through the bad. I hope that what Rodel and I have is just as special.
To Family! Cheers!
To my wonderful new husband, who has shown me what love really is. Who is the reason for my happy days and the comfort in my sad ones. Who cheers my successes and comforts me in my failures.
 He is a person who can, just by looking at me, make me laugh so hard and would tell me stories even if he had told it to me a thousand times, just because he knows that I love listening to them… seriously! It’s my bedtime story. Who puts up with my tantrums when I can’t find just the right shoes, waits patiently when I can’t decide on what to wear, my crying spells for no apparent reason, my snoring that is now his favourite lullaby  and who provides chocolate when I am fed up; because he knows that he should even if he doesn’t know why. I can only hope that I provide the same support to him, I can definitely provide the chocolate…
To Rodel, the most patient man on the planet!
By the way just to warn you all that this could be the start of an emotional bit, so if I start blubbing please feel free to throw me a tissue.
We all know that they are a number of people that we would have liked to be here with us today couldn't be here for whatever reason. Also there are people who aren’t with today who are greatly missed. Rodel’s Tatay, our Daddy Pablito Galang and Mommy Violeta Galang who are all sadly no longer with us. I just wanted to say how much we wish my they were here to enjoy this day as much as we have, to embarrass us with stories best left forgotten, and impart some important piece of advice that would be brief, simple and desperately relevant. We know that wherever they are, they are looking down on us all and smiling. It's fallen to me to propose a toast for them so, if you could all raise your glasses and join me drinking to “absent friends and family".
Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for being with us today. Weddings can happen at anywhere and at any time but it can only be true celebration when all the people you love are there to share it with you, so you really have made our is a true celebration because all of you are here sharing it with us. I would like to propose a toast to all of you as a thank you for being here…our guests!”
So till my next adventure, remember Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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