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A little note

A little note

Monster Day Tours - Foodie Express @ Chinatown

When Kyanta Yap of Monster Day Tours invited me to join one of their Foodie Express tour of course I have to say Yes...the magic word being Food!!! Ok it's not only the food, it's also about getting to know more about Chinatown for me it's a place where I go with my visitors to buy souvenirs to bring back to Manila.
So I told my brother Phlebas that he needs to accompany me hahahahah and that we will walk and eat, like me the magic word for him is food hahahahhaah, That's how we the Galang Siblings roll.

He will be my videographer, made a video you could watch it on Youtube HERE.

And yours truly is the photographer.

Anyway, since it's a walking tour you better be dressed, Singapore is a humid country and if you are like me who gets irritated when it's hot, be dressed to be comfy and not to impress hahahahha.

When you do your booking of the tour through their website
The Foodie Express @ Chinatown runs every Wed, Fri and Saturday 1 - 4 pm.
Ok if you are expecting to see the pictures of the Foodie places that you will be visiting, better stop reading now for you will be disappointed 😌. but I can share with you the details on their website, 
" You will visit 3 key food stops and explore many other sights and places of interest in Chinatown"
So this is how it's going to pan out I will tell you our experience on the cultural side and bits and pieces of the food that we tried.
You will be asked to meet at Chinatown MRT Exit A

Look out for the Monster Day Tours staff either they're wearing a pink or purple t-shirt or if Yap is with the tour look for a guy wearing a Chinese costume which I found out later that he dresses up depending on the type of tour they are doing, that's cool.

So while we were waiting I was able to chit chat a little with these young, passionate fellows Tat Yam their Chief Visionary and Kyanta Yap, Chief Gorilla find out more about their team HERE

Kyanta Yap is a bubbly energetic storyteller, he started the tour at the meeting point. We also got to taste something here 😊

Then the walking begins...

We stopped at the Chinatown Heritage Centre,

I know you could go by yourself here without any help, but doesn't it make you wonder what they are looking at here?

Then more walking. I love old shop houses they remind me of Old Manila full of stories that are waiting to be told.

We visited some places of worship, Kyanta will be telling you some amazing stories about these places and then you will understand why Singapore was able to live in harmony with all the different religion and cultures.

The walking and storytelling continue, one of the unique thing about Kyanta aside from wearing costumes is that he carries old photos of the places that you will visit, it gives you a glimpse of the old Singapore.

And see those two young chaps? I've spoken to them during one of the food stop, I asked if they were told in school about the interesting facts that they heard today, they replied me smiling that they didn't.

That's the things that I enjoyed the most about this tours, the stories that you get to hear from Kyanta, stories that you don't hear from school, it really gives you a perspective on how they lived during the olden days, stories that we hear from our grandparents and somehow was lost.

We went to the 1st food stop, wherein I was able to try several yummy local dishes in 2 of which was my 1st time trying. 

After they will bring you somewhere you could take great pictures from above. I loved this place seeing what's surrounding Chinatown.

2nd food stop was a surprise hahahaha aside from it being air conditioned, I 've always wanted to visit the place but with the long line, I've  never gotten to visit it until this tour.

Here I am with another team member of Monster Day Tours Dani, Chief Chili Padi, I call these two awesome friendly peeps a walking encyclopedia.

And like all good things have to come to an end, look at me hahahah tired, in pain but definetely happy with the things that I get to experience in Monster Day Tours - Foodie Express @ Chinatown.

Was it worth spending 3 hours, yup with a number of things that you will learn, I've been staying in Singapore for the past 15 years and I didn't know anything about it. 

Was it worth the price? Yup again this is a Foodie tour they do have to pay for the yummy food that you will eat right? And the food is a lot, we didn't had anything to eat before going for the tour and we were full after the tour, and if you've been reading my Happy Tummy adventures you guys will understand that it takes a lot of food to fill our tummies and make it happy 😊.

So who would benefit the tour? Everyone be you're a local or a foreigner visiting.

But I don't have the budget to join the tour.

This is the awesome thing I love about Monster Day Tours they offer FREE daily walking tours all you have to do is to turn up

Little India - Wed, Fri, Sun - 9.30am to 12.00pm 
Chinatown - Tue, Thu, Sat - 9.30am to 12.00pm

Foodie Express @Chinatown or their FREE walking tours doesn't tickle your fancy do have other tours that they offer you could check it HERE.

For more information 

Address: 101 Cecil Street Unit 13-12 Tong Eng Building Singapore 069533
HP #: 91517567 / 92313858

Till my next adventure, remember! Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



  1. I want to experience it as well! I mean, exploring different places together with random people! Haha, aside from that I watched your video! The food stalls look interesting!


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