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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: Leveling up with my Printmystuffsg namecard

I think it was a few months back when I designed a name card for my blog in this post I wanted to take The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells to the next level having a lot of projects in mind, and having a name card will help me in achieving it but being me...I didn't have it printed 😞.

That is until I stumbled upon Printmystuffsg.. this post will be heavy with pictures as they say a picture say a thousand words haha hahaha.

About Printmystuffsg

PrintMyStuff is one of Singapore’s creative and determined Premium Namecard Printing, high-quality printing services serving both individuals and businesses. 

The business was born out of the passion to challenge established printing houses that stay in business just for profit. We care about quality, customer satisfaction, and affordability. With our highly state-of-the-art and skilled designer's inclusive printing technology, we are on track serving you even better! 

They are one of Singapore’s cheapest printing provider with Premium Quality materials printings.

Ordering is easy peasy hahaha hahaha

Graphic Submission details:
Size: 90x54mm / 9x5.4cm
email at with following details:
- name
- contact
- pickup point (which MRT station)
- requirements (if any)
- paper quality preferred (view from above)
 - quantity (how many pcs needed)
Graphic in JPG or PSD format, at least 300dpi, 90x54mm

I had sent my artwork to them, and they got back to me for some revisions actually a few times. See my name card designs HERE

I loved my design so much that I have to revise it, but if you are stuck in any way or you need a template you could join their FB group FREE Namecard Design ~ by Printmystuffsg they upload the different design, range from Wedding Invitation insert to Business cards. It’s FREE to use!

What did I actually get printed 310gsm Art Card w Matt Laminate - 200qty (2set)Full-colour Double side printing.

You could opt to meet-up, collect or deliver as for me a lazy bum person I choose to delivery.

And when it finally arrived.... of course, I got excited, just seeing the shiny lovely foil label.

Now let us see them... I know 200 pcs of name cards are a lot hahaha but how can I choose between the 2 designs of the Cartonized me

Let us take a closer look 

and the back.

The colours are vivid and they look so good together with my name card holder secret garden from The Art Faculty by PATHLIGHT  I just love them.

And when they say premium they mean it, the quality of their printing and customer service are great, 

You might say, I have to love them I already got it printed...not necessarily, I had some name cards printed before online and the quality is not as good they even had the alignment wrong 😠, end up I didn't even use them.

You want to take your name card onto another level they provide Hologram cards printing, which Singapore Printing House do not have yet. These will make your name card stand out from the rest 😁 for they look so cool and shiny!!!

And if you order Hologram cards the nice people from Printmystuffsg will be giving you my dear readers 10% just mention The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells

picture from
Aside from the basic name card printing they do offer other name card printing services
(for more details click on the picture and all pictures are from

And if you are getting hitched soon and don't want to go the DIY road like me. I know that planning a wedding is not stressful enough so let Printmystuffsg do it for you.

Wedding Invitation

And the here are the rest of the services that they offer, I am sure they can provide whatever printing needs you have. Just click away.

In Singapore, they're online based with an Office for self-pick up Printing goods at Kallang. Their printing factory is in Johor Bahru. That’s one of the reasons why they can afford Value-for-money rates for their customers.
The majority of their customers are Singaporean, they accept JB / KL / Singapore’s customers as of now. Customer can easily reach them at printmystuff(a) or
They welcome inquiries on any of their online platforms:

For customers without their own Artwork, they recommend them to join their Facebook Group: FREE Namecard Design ~ by Printmystuffsg

Follow them on Carousell too!

Any suggestions on how I can use my new lovely name cards? 

Till my next adventure! Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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