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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: (Quickly provide multiple links in a social bio through a single link!)

If you are a blogger, influencer or even just a normal joe/jane you know the importance of Social Media, I only know a handful of people who are not on any social media and one of them is my brother hahaha hahaha.
I won't be writing about why is it important but our dilemma of being restricted in only being able to put one link on our bio. Most of us have multiple social media could we choose which one we would like to highlight on our Bio haiz!!! as a blogger I want to promote my other social media not only my blog.
On my twitter account, I was only able to put my Blog link.

On YouTube, I could add all my social media links in the description box but it does take up space and makes it longer.
Ok ok I am not going the rant haha haha I found this awesome app that could put all your social media link on ONE link that you could use in all your social media bio.
Hold on!! before I tell you where and how...
Remember on one of my post I did mention that one way that you could grow your blog is by joining a bloggers group. You are not supposed to just leave your blog links on the daily thread, read some of the posts. answer some questions that other bloggers need help on, interact and not only will you learn something, you might find something awesome. Well, this will prove my point. I found this post through one of this bloggers group Boost your Blog.

Being a nosy person I did give it a try and it's amazingly simple and FREE!!!
Registering is easy, you could do it by either using your Instagram or Twitter account.

Then you will be able to go to your page, just fill in the details with the links that you want to add. oh-oh a word of caution, not a biggie but just need to let you know, you won't be able to move around the links if you are fussy on how you want your links to appear just bear that in mind.
Copy your URL which is at the top left corner and paste it to your social media bio.
And you're done all your social media links will be on your bio and your bio on your social media will be like this.
When visitors click on to your tadah..all your social media link will be shown.
See how easy and awesome it was now we could put all our social media links in one place where it will be accessible to our visitors. And if you want to add more links just go back to your page and add the links, you don't need to re-copy and paste your URL it will automatically update your profile :-)
Of course, I won't be ending this blog post without thanking Mr. Kelvin Graddic who created the  app and shared in the Boost your Blog group, sharing is really caring. 

Please give it a try and give your feedbacks to him.

How about you Belles, any blogging group that you are in that you love and that helped you a lot? Which gives me an idea for a blog post. Share it in the comment section below.

Till my next adventure! Remember to be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet!
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