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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: 12X Zoom Lens clip for your smartphone (That Mobile Shop)

The peeps from That Mobile Shop has sent yours truly a Ready Zoom Telescopic Zoom Lens to try. 
On their website, it's described as a 12X Optical Zoom clip on telescope zoom lens for a smartphone.
This got me excited this will be a perfect accessory for those people who like to take photos ahem ahem like me.
I was not home when it got delivered, I had to pick it up from the post office so the box was kinda crumpled.

I've done an unboxing video and a mini how to use it with pictures which you could watch at YouTube.
But if you don't want to watch it is fine hahahahhaha.
So what came in the box?

So how to get started? Let me show you...oh if you had watched the YouTube video you could skip this part.
Remove the cover from the narrow end of the telescope.

Attach the clip by screwing it in.

Clip the telescope onto your phone.

and ta-dah!!! you could start using it.

I have an event that I needed to go to over the weekend will see how it performs outside but for the meantime let us try it at home.
Starting off with a photo of how far the original picture looks like. I am using an Oppo F1 phone.

Decided to take a photo of my brothers toy figures using the zoom of my phone.
Then this is the picture taken using the 12X Zoom Lens. 
I realized that you need to clip it properly onto your phone if not your photos will have this black frame, not sure what is the technical term hahahahaha. 
You could adjust the focus by turning the lens left or right until you're satisfied.
And if you have shaky hands like me, it could be difficult for you to get the picture into focus.
But with patience and practice, you will be able to take a decent picture.
So now let us try it using other phones, I did have an event over the weekend which was a good opportunity to try it,
My brother tried using it with his Sony Xperia Z5
Tried it using Hubbyness iPhone 6
and lastly my Oppo F1
I also took a video using the Ready Zoom Telescopic Zoom Lens
And you could use the Zoom Lens as a Monocular just replace the clip attachment with the Monocular rubber eye cup.

So what are my thoughts about the Ready Zoom Lens from That Mobile shop
I like the idea that I could take decent zoomed in photos although using it needs a bit of practice and getting used to, once you get just need to point and shoot.
It is suitable for both Android and IOS phones, I was able to use it with my brothers Sony Experia and Hubbyness iPhone 6 and with its portable size, it could fit nicely in my bag. 

And for my dear Belles!! That Mobile Shop is giving you 30% off with free shipping that will come to only USD 16.98.

That Mobile Shop
Website: That Mobile Shop
Instagram: @lovethatmobileshop

Till my next adventure, remember to be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.
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