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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: C.O.W (Cajun On Wheels) @ Plaza Singapura

Me and my Little Brother Phlebas are at Plaza Singapura to watch the movie Boss Baby at 6:30pm and as usual we haven't eaten yet as in no breakfast and lunch, so I was excited when I saw C.O.W has opened an outlet at Plaza Singapura, I saw their outlet at Pasarbella in Suntec City and I was intrigued when I saw was other diners were eating hahahaha I was not in the mood for seafood so I gave it a pass.

Oh oh let's get the disclaimer part out of the way, this is not a sponsored post, we paid for our meal and all the opinion here is mine and my brothers 😃

So what is exactly Cajun on Wheels, here is their story from their Facebook Page

Halal Seafood in buckets and more!

Eliminating the complications of hunting down good-quality seafood, Cajun on Wheels is a new seafood chain that provides the enjoyment of premium seafood dishes in the absence of any ostentatiousness. In true American fashion, Cajun on Wheels takes on the spirit of the gourmet food truck, catering, fresh and quintessentially Louisiana-style seafood cuisine without the fuss.

Dunk those fingers into the different choices of seafood buckets great for sharing among family and friends, enjoying a delicious mess. For the on-the-goers, simply choose one of the Ocean boxes that includes a main protein and a wide selection of wholesome side-dishes, and before you know it, you’re already on your way with REEL seafood goodness in your hands.

Cajun seafood, simply just the way you like it.
You won't miss their branch at Plaza Singapura with those big glowing C.O.W sign hahahahhaah.

Shy to enter because you are not sure what they offer? Well, great of them to put their menu right at the entrance.

When you are ready proceed to the counter which is this cool looking red food truck.

oh oh if you need a bigger version of the menu because somehow your eyesight is failing you like me...they have the giant version of the menu before the counter.

We were hungry, so I actually almost ordered everything hahahahha. But this is the part that disappointed me... We were there around 3pm and they are out of stock of Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder!!!! Why!! Why!! hahahahah.

After you placed your order you will be given the number token.

It's free seating so you could sit almost anywhere, it was not a peak hour, so the dining area is not full.

Love the decor of the place, lots of light. The tables and chairs give you this feeling of old.. those nice old feelings.

Here my brother took a photo in panorama mode, excuse me for as always I am looking at my phone.

So now to the food!!! What did we order

For appetizer we decided to order some even if our meals already comes with sides hahahahh we were already seated when we decided to order more, I think we made our tummy call the shots.

Fried Mushroom

My little Brother Phlebas loves mushroom so we had to order these, that mushroom was evenly covered by the batter and it was seasoned well and kinda crunchy the mushroom was delish...warning though need to wait for it to cool down a bit or you might burn you lips like I did...need I remind you I was hungry hahahahaha.

Fried Mushroom $ 4.90
Purple Coleslaw

This is a must try, the purple cabbage is crunchy, loved that they put raisins into it and of course the dressing was tangy and sweet almost like how my late mom will do it.

Purple Coleslaw $2.90

Ok no judgement I know we tend to order a lot, but having a little brother who doesn't want to waste food he does finish everything and again we were hungry hahahahah.

Moving on, what was our mains

Since it was just the 2 of us and we had ordered tons of appetizers, we decided to order their ocean box meals.

You have to choose the type of meal + sauce + side

Mussels in Salted Egg sauce with Aglio Pasta

Iam one certified salted egg sauce addict hahahah anything that has salted egg especially the creamy type I will buy and eat.

The sauce was creamy but not spicy even though there is the chili sign beside it on the menu and it has small potatoes that was tender and a quarter of a corn on a cob which I really don't fancy so I passed it to my brother.

The Aglio pasta was cooked al dente and season well and when it was mixed with the Salted Egg sauce it was divine.

Mussels in Salted Egg with Aglio Pasta $10.50
Not sure if you guys will find this petty or funny..looked at my reaction hahahah I was enjoying my meal when I found one of the mussels didn't opened..sigh!! bummer!!

And what made it worse was it was not only 1 but 2!!!! That's 2 out of 8 mussels that did not open 🙍 ok I might be over reacting but still!!! 

Mixed Seafood in Cajun Cheese sauce with Spam Fries

My little brother choose this for his meal, the cheese sauce was nice and cheesy all and like the other sauces it has small potatoes that was tender and a quarter corn in a cob.

The seafood shrimp, mussels, fish were cooked well, if you are wondering yes all his mussels were opened

Chicken Spam Fries

Who doesn't love spam of course it's going to be salty duh!! It was deep fried nicely and again...It's Spam!! We love spam.

Chicken Spam Fries 

And for kickers we decided to order another meal from their Louisiana Burger Menu..what made us order? 100% Premium beef!!  

We are all burger lovers and we know that it's either a hit or miss so well since we were hungry...we gotta try!!

Crusty C.O.W Burger with sweet potato fries 

We ate this last, just because it's a beef burger with lobster hahaha all good things should be eaten last don't you think? Not that the rest of the meals we had was not good but this is the cherry on top.

Crusty C.O.W Burger with sweet potato fries ($13.90)
So when it was time for us to eat it, the bread was already soggy which was our fault for letting it sit for sometime, but look at at..the beef patty is huge and the lobster is as big too.

I am already full so I told my brother that I will just have a quarter of the burger..and when it was cut, you could see the beef patty and the lobster is cooked well,

We now know it does look good so how about the taste, well my brother was not the type of person that will ask his picture to be taken but with this Crusty C.O.W burger he asked me to take his photo.

The beef patty was seasoned and cooked well, surprisingly moist. The lobster was sweet and tender.

Sweet Potato Fries

This was my brother idea to order but it was a pleasant surprise, it was crispy and tender inside just like your normal fries but just sweeter it was a perfect compliment to the meals.

Overall Experience

Love the food that we ordered everything was seasoned and cooked well, only hiccups was the 2 mussels that didn't opened and they being out of stock of the Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder.

Bright and cozy the dining area which I love.

The staff are friendly, courteous and helpful. 

Totally affordable and worth every single cent. 

Will we come back?
Yupyup we want to try their Seafood Buckets which are good for sharing 2-5 people and I want to wear the apron and hammer those crustaceans away hahahahha. Need to visit again with the gang

Picture from C.O.W FB Page

Have you tried eating at C.O.W (Cajun On Wheels)? What is your favorite? Let me know at the comment section below.

More info about C.O.W (Cajun On Wheels)

Facebook Page: @cajunonwheels
Branches: Pasarbella Suntec City Level 1 and Plaza Singapura Level 2
Menu: check it out here
Delivery : Deliveroo and Ubereats

Till my next Happy Tummy adventure. Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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