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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: Mad for Garlic (Suntec City)

Been awhile since I posted a Happy Tummy series...well frankly I have tons of Happy Tummy adventures but somehow I haven't gotten the time to upload it yet hahahahahah...lazy me.

Anyways, I and my brother Phlebas decided to watch a movie at Suntec City..the Ghost in a shell. and since I was craving for some pasta I asked him to go to Mad for Garlic one of our favorite joint in Suntec. Which made me wonder why I haven't written about it here it is.

What did we order...

For starters

Saute di Cozze Bianco sgd 32
It's basically black mussels in cream sauce which is delish don't be alarmed about the chilli that you see, it's not spicy. If my brother could eat it then I am sure it's not spicy hahahahha..what makes this one of our favorite is because of the cream sauce which is heavenly the onions and garlic and other spices will make you want to slurp that sauce.

and the second starter is...

Dracula Killer sgd 13.50
Oh how to I start??? you just have to give this a try especially if you love garlic. The garlic is sweet and creamy, eating it in between a baguette is again awesome..

And for the mains...

These pasta dish is creamy, the crab and lobster is cooked well tender and seasoned well.The garlic cream sauce is delish, creamy and the garlic flavour is not too empowering. I can't finish this so I will recommend to share it.

Crab and Lobster Pasta sgd 23.50
and for my brother he got this steak, this is heaven, the angus beef is tender you actually don't need the steak knife for this hahahahah you could just use a regular knife and fork. The meat is cooked well and its on top of a bed of sauted onions topped off with minced garlic and garlic flakes, we didn't need to worry about our BP when we were devouring this hahahahahahaha.

Garlic Steak (Black Angus) sgd 48.50

Overall Experience

As I've said on the beginning of my post this is one of our favorite go to place, loved the food. There is some in the menu that we also loved but didn't get the chance to order coz somehow we can't eat as much as we did hahahahahha. You gotta try their pizza too!!

Bright and cozy the dining area which I love.

The staff has always been friendly, courteous and helpful. 

For more information about Mad for Garlic click HERE

Totally affordable and worth every single cent. 

Have you tried eating at Mad for Garlic? What is your favorite?

Till my next adventure. Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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