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A little note

A little note

Beauty: Innisfree Emoji No-Sebum Mineral Powder collection

Haiz!!! My self control in buying cute things is getting worse by the day. Beauty brands knows that collaborating with cutie brands is an awesome marketing move.

Meeting my brother for dinner at Jurong Point, well as you guys know when am left alone I tend to window shop that will lead into me buying something that I don't necessarily need at the moment.

The Innisfree shop is right at the entrance, I've been using their no sebum mineral powder for months now and I love it I used it on it's own or as a finishing powder for my makeup.

The powder is infused with Jeju natural minerals to keep skin comfortable and fresh all day, and leaves a matte finish. Free of parabens, talc, colorant, animal ingredients, mineral oil and synthetic fragrance, it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

No plans of buying I've said window shopping right..guess what greeted me when I entered...

Not 1 but 11 emoji's!!!!!!!!

Then I found out for the 11th anniversary of Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder, they have collaborated with Emoji to launch a limited edition Innisfree x Emoji No-Sebum Mineral Powder collection. 

Instead of its usual mint green packaging, the Innisfree x Emoji No-Sebum Mineral Powder ($10 each) range is imprinted with 11 different emojis. 

told myself I need to get my hands on the adorable line. Not 1 but 4!!!! actually I wanted all...clap clap i have self control :-)

Ok!! I might still got myself a bit overboard hahahhaha well... i can defend it. I am planning to give 3 of it to my sister and friends hahahahaa, one has to share the happiness that these cuties brings me right?

So what's the difference from this?

Nothing!! It's the same formula only with cute emoji packaging, which to me is all worth the $10 splurge even if I still have the powder that could last me for another few months...remember Limited Edition it will not be in their stores forever.

And the puff inside is in bright yellow.

and one great thing is the expiry date!!!!

2020!!! Which means I could buy a few more or all to keep as Christmas Gifts, then I wont be so guilty and I will just open my drawer and look at them when am blue!!!

And since I purchased $40.00 I was able to get a free gift...

I've always wanted to try a sleeping mask not did I only got 1 but 3 hahahahah. Excited to try the Wine Jelly Sleeping mask.

So Belles!! What are you waiting for.. Go down to your nearest Innisfree Store and grab those Emoji No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

Till my next adventure! Be courageous, Kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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