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A little note

A little note


And my search for my BB cream continues. Haiz!! I was loving my TROIAREUKE Acsen A+ Cushion but then I had this sports event that I was sunburned and yes I did use sunscreen and sunblock alhough being me I forgot to re-apply every 2 hours hahahahhaha and unfortunately now it's cushion was too white or bright for my current skin tone does not match my arms and the funny thing was it was my brother who told me that the cushion is too white and he told me this info before I left the house Waaaaaaaah!! I can't fix it for I was running late hahahahahhaah...

Anyways on the same day I went to Watson's and picked this baby up, I read some good reviews on it so decided to give it a try and for $19.90 why not...I am desperate.

They claimed:

Garnier's NEW BB Creams, our daily moisturizers with skin-perfecting coverage are built to deliver multiple benefits in one prooduct. 

This oil-free formula with Mineral Perlite, Antioxidant Wild Berry and tinted mineral pigments is designed for oily-to-combination skin to give five skin-perfecting benefits: controls shine, minimizes pores, evens skin tone, hydrates and helps prevent sunburn. 
Your quick & easy way to get a shine-free, more evenly-toned complexion!

Magic words for me is shine free!!!! hahahahah well evening out the skin tone is a plus too.

The packaging is your normal squeeze tube type which was fine for me.

Squeezed some amount on the back of my hand. The consistency is quite watery than the BB creams that I've tried. 

It does spread out easily and been absorbed quickly. There is this chemically smell like those plastic balloon toys that we used to play hahahahha once you squeezed it out but then disappears once you massaged or pat it in the smells becomes like a sunscreen smell which is fine.

Now time for me to try it on hahahahahaha...and oh my did it shocked me once I massaged and tap it into my face turned white..but don't panic it will mellow down after a few seconds. I think it's because of the SPF I am wearing an SPF 50 sunblock under it hahahhahaha.

So here is how it performed. I went out with my brother Phlebas to watch the movie Ghost in the shell and we also had dinner.We left the house around 4pm and was back after 10 pm.

It is light on the skin frankly so light that I love it. Even upon first application it didn't feel sticky. And I like the finish that gives my skin, it did even out my skin tone the redness on my face was covered and my pores!!! it did cover it up a bit. And it did brighten my complexion. 

Well, you guys know that I am an oily person so by dinner there's a bit of shine but there is still a bit of coverage left.. during dinner I did try not to pat the oiliness on my face. 

I am definitely going to wear this daily maybe even alternate it with my current cushion once I get my old skin tone.. but for now I will continue to use it, although need to pat some oil out once in awhile. Wearing it as it is I am loving it.

If you would like to try the Garnier Skin Active BB cream (5-IN-1 SKIN PERFECTOR BB CREAM OIL-FREE - LIGHT/MEDIUM)for yourselves it is available is selected Watson's shop or you could buy them on their online shop HERE.

How about you Belles!! what is your go to BB cream when you're sun burned?

Till my next adventure!! Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet.



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