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A little note

A little note

Beauty: The Haul

Yahoo!! it's a 3 day weekend although I have to work tomorrow for a Sales Event I am still happy ... I could sleep an extra hour tomorrow to meet my friend for breakie at 9:00 am before we head to our event at 10:30 hahahahaha. It also means that I could schedule some posts which honestly some are long overdue...

Opps! Have to let you know that I've purchased everything in these haul. This is not a sponsored post, although there are links that will help me earn points you could use them to register or not hahahaha but all opinion are my own :-)

Now that disclaimer is out of the way let us start the ball rolling let's talk about my, I stumbled upon during my search for a Beauty subscription box.

So let me share with you something about them...

They were founded in 2015, it's a one stop online shopping platform that offer authentic Korean beauty products for makeup, skincare and hair and body at a reasonable price, and when they say reasonable it's like 30% - 70% off from the retail price in the shops (cartwheels!! takes out debit card)

They carry a Korean Beauty brands like Etude House, The Face Shop, Missha, Klairs, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, Pony Effect and a lot lot lot lot more. 

Oh oh oh they also have an Althea Box, they have different themes or rather they launch new boxes every month where you could save at least 60% off. Unfortunately I haven't found the right box for me yet...sigh!!!

Anyways but that didn't stopped me from do get a $10 off your 1st purchase and you get FREE shipping with a minimum purchase of $29 (they ship to 200 countries) and trust me it's easy to hit it hahahahaha.

You Belles have to sign up first HERE, you could even sign up using your Facebook or Google+ account.

Then you are set hahahahah browse through their collection, which is organized that makes shopping easy peasy.

And when you found a product you like..either you put it in your cart or wishlist (I have tons of products on my wishlist hahahahah)

And if you can't decide, most of the products have member reviews, which personally helped me since some of my haul consisted of products that I haven't tried.

And checking out is a breeze you could use your credit/debit card or Paypal account.

and again will repeat you get 10 points and $10 rebate on your 1st purchase

Once you confirmed your order it will take around 2 weeks to receive your items which is not bad.

Ok ok let's start.. what did I actually bought.

Received it packaged in these bright pink packaging which I find very cute hahahahah I don't like to use pink but I like looking at them.

Opened and...more pink, the box is sturdy which gave me an idea for a DIY project using all the packaging of beauty products that I have kept which will be another post...why do I have this tendency to side track hahahahaha.

The products came in wrapped excellent condition, not sure if you could see but the other product was individually bubbled wrap (was too excited that I've forgotten to take a photo, sorry).

BTW I will not be reviewing them here, will have a different post for that which I will update this post with a link to my review once they are for the meantime enjoy and here they are 

Why?? because they are so cute hahahahahah and since I got into the Korean beauty I love love using masks and when I saw these Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheets cuties I have to have them and it also gave me an idea for a post..will collect and try animal masks so wait it for it's all going to be cute and adorable hahahahah, and just for $2.00 each.. why not?

Who doesn't love Dinosaurs..remember Litte Foot?? well, if you been reading my other posts by now you would know that I have a very oily type skin hahahahahah I don't enjoy putting powder on my face when it reaches the stage that I need to blot my oiliness hahahaha.. ok that's just the excuse that I told myself to get the Too Cool for School, Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to the Sponge again the packaging is so cute, can't wait to try it, and the price is reasonable.. $6.00

hmmmm?? noticing a trend with my purchase? they are all cuties hahahaha so Y.E.T di it chu lipstick again has this adorable reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and honestly who doesn't love her. It came in 3 shades for the price of $7.00 each, I got all three :-)

Now we leave the cuties haul and see the need part hahahahah. Remember when I told you that prices is affordable, this is one brand that I've been using and the prices is really at least 20% off from the store. I been using Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder  for months now and I love love it (its 50% off on Althea)so I gotta give Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact again I am blessed with an oily face hahahahahah.

I heard about the Missha brand from one of the beauty youtubers and they love the brand so when I saw it at I need to try it because I emptied my current mascara, so told myself this is perfect to try Missha The Style 4D Mascara for only $4.50 and with 200+ review why not?

Another one from the Missha brand..I have dark circles or panda eyes hahaha due to the things I've done when I was way younger those late nights will come back to haunt you hahahahah so if any young ones out there do take note. I've not try anything to hide or conceal it so sometimes or most of the times it's visible so again another reason for me to try one out and Missha Under Eye Brightener with 300+ reviews and at $5.00 (70% off) Why not? 

Writing this post I realized my purchases is all below $10 hahahahah I should have titled the post My less than $10 products haul from  hmmmm? I already purchased another haul from  ( yes! you read it right 2 hauls in a month) which I think is again all below $10 hahahahah gotta check and look out for that post for I am excited for it too.

It is true, all their products are affordable that's why I have a 2nd haul hahahahha, they gave me savings which means I could buy more..

You might be wondering.. I found them looking for a beauty box to purchase and try, I did found a beauty box from another site (which was a disaster hahahaha will post about it soon) but they do have several boxes from either the box was already out of stock or I haven't found the box from me yet..that's another thing I l like about boxes you will know what you are going to get so no surprises (arrghhh! lesson learned from my beauty box haul)so I am going to be such a regular customer hahahahah, just have to learn how to hide my hauls from Hubby...

oh oh have to let you know this...  have an App hahahah which actually made all my 2 hauls purchases easy and discreet from Hubbyness, download the app by clicking the picture

The app is easy to navigate...add to your wishlist or cart, checkout is again a breeze, I actually bought all my purchases through the app and did the checkout when I was on my way to work on a bus hahahaha told you I need to be discreet :-)

And another thing about the app you could add your favorite brands on your profile which will make it easy for you to shop hahahahah

And if you are in a budget like me!!! Here is the perfect reason why you have to download the app at Google play. The EVERYTHING BELOW $5 tab hahahahah..

Belles, I think I have given you reasons on why you should try Big Savings, Authentic Korean Beauty products, FREE shipping above $29 and for your 1st purchase you get a $10 rebate and 10 points which you could use on your next purchase.

So Belles, have anyone of you tried Do you love them as much as I do? what did you buy? Have you tried their Althea Boxes? let me know in the comment section.

Till my next Beauty Adventure.. Be courageous, kind and a blessing to everyone you meet. 



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