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A little note

A little note

Musings: An open letter to my sister Chiqui

Ok something new peeps!! My blog has been mostly about my adventures and I seldom post about personal stuffs but you guys know that my birthday is coming up ( actually it's tomorrow ) and I have been busy doing this video project for my sister Chiqui birthday.

I asked our family and friends to send me a video greeting for her the mission is to make her cry hahahahah but guess what...plot twist!!! when it was my turn to make the video greeting for her, I was flooded with emotions hahahahha did several takes that eventually made into the video.

This made me realize I am not very good in expressing my emotions when I need to say emoticon drama me will take over hahhahahahaa..

So I decided to write it down... so here it goes,

Dear Chiqui,

Happy 43rd birthday! By now you should have watched the video greetings that we made for you, but there are so many things that I have let unsaid... We've been through a lot and if there's anything that I have learned from it, is that you have to say the things you want to say in my case I am writing it down, its not a matter of it being late but people deserve to know how much they mean to you...and you know you mean a lot to me..

You've always been the stronger one, the protector remember when we were younger and someone bullied me.. you would actually go and put then into their place and no one can bully me...because you are my bully hahahahhah.. Thank you!

I know being the mature one and taking over the emotional duties is not easy for you...heck!! am the eldest and yet you have to take over for me several times for I will be a mess...thank you for this made me be me.

Thank you for being the maldita, naughty, bithcy, tackless one, for that made me look the nicer one hahahahah although both of us know am not the angel that people perceived me to be, if only people knew I have this evil dark side...bitchy persona in me.. you made me look like an innocent angel hahahahha the best partner in crime ever.

Thank you for giving us Matthew and Jonah our angels and true enough the best contraception ever hahahahhaha but seriously thank you for sharing them with me, through them I was able to bring out my motherly love.

My greatest critic after fashion sister!!!

Thank you for always being crazy thoughts and emotional anxiety depression attacks.

People always think that we are weird...we are weird and I am thankful that we are both weird hahahhaha we understand and support each other, they just don't get us and that is ok.

I've always said this... I love you for you made me who I am...I don't think I will be sane without you you put me into place most of the times, the logical person behind me.

I am strong now because I have you behind me, to catch me and pull me up after laughing at me first hahahhaha..

You are one my idols...on top of the women I admire...If only they knew what you have gone through they will idolize you too, it's not normal for the eldest to say that I wan't to be like you even half of the woman you are now. Your intelligence ( yes! I know you are checking my grammar now), strength, confidence and heart are admirable.

I love you...and here to many more years of craziness. Happy Birthday! and Yes!! we will grow old and grey together!!!

Love, Ate Cheche

And if you are interested to see our final video greeting... here it is

Till my next post...Be kind, grateful and blessed!!!



  1. Awww....this is so sweet. Happy Birthday to your sister! May your relationship stay strong and beautiful!

  2. Lovely sentimental post - what a lovely idea of video messages for her birthday too :)


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