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A little note

A little note

Beauty: TROIAREUKE Acsen A+ Cushion

If you guys are wondering why all of a sudden I am into beauty and skincare well it's because I've been following and watching a bunch of Youtube vloggers hahahahaha, 

So when I started hoarding and trying some of the products I realized that I should start writing about my 44 YO beauty journey and put it as a series tittled "a Youtube vlogger made me buy" hahahaha

I love in I really do, although these days make-up means a BB cream, powder and lipgloss hahahahah. I get so excited when I see something new sometimes or most of the times I will buy it and use it a few times and there it goes I forget about it or I give it to my friends who could use it more often than I do. I partially blame my new career hahahahahah gone are the days that I will be wearing my red lipstick and nude eye makeup.

Anyways...let's get to this baby that I bought...found about Troiareukei through a Youtube blogger Mr Edward Avila he's a Filipino American based in Seoul, South Korea. Edward’s videos are lighthearted and fun but always incredibly informative. I just love him hahahahahah.

So here he is reviewing the TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion.

Selling point??? 

ACSEN A+Cushion
  • Perfect formulation for acne and sensitive skin
  • Ultimate skincare cushion for combination skin
  • All day long, 24 hours of healing
  • 99% skincare and 1% make-up
  • Anti-wrinkle, Whitening, UV protection SPF50+, PA+++
  • No 23 (neutral beige)
Skin Type : Combination, Acne, Oily, Sensitive Skin

Finally!!! It was available at Qoo.10 hahahahah a perfect reason for me to buy it. Its quite expensive sgd47 but after doing some research I need to get it hahahah.

Let's open it up!!!!! It comes with an additional air cushion which is awesome!!!

I love the looked and feel sturdy and clean hahahah if that makes sense.

Oh my...the colour is kinda scary hahahaha it does sucks coz it only comes in ONE!! shade which is natural beige Oh well lets still give it a try.

Day 1: With sunscreen and powder.

So here is yours truly with only my skincare and sunscreen on and does brighten my face and I didn't feel heavy or sticky. It was easy to apply just dab dab dab and you will be able to spread it out evenly. This is just one layer. It does have this mild scent..hmmmm its a clean scent which I don't mind.

Time to look at it does cover my pores good thinking that this is just one layer, I do think you could build the coverage more but it's just my preference to put only 1 layer.

I did find it a bit too dewy or shiny hahahaha so decided to set it with powder which made it looked a bit matte but at the same time whiter (oh no!!) hahahahah time for me to purchase another powder..should be translucent this time.

Now here it looks outdoors, not bad hahahaha it was not as white indoors hahahahah time to go and see how this will perform. Time check: 8am

It was kinda a long day of rehearsals but I was mostly indoors in an AC room, the only time I went out was when I commuted meeting my brother to have a late lunch at 2pm and again we were indoors. So while waiting for our food to arrive I decided to take some selfies...It did settled in and you could see some of my pores which is still ok, overall I am happy.

Up Close @ 2pm its almost 7 hours. I don't feel sticky or oily.

After eating we did some window shopping...actually needed to buy some gel and hairspray for the dancers which we need to use on Monday. So here I am at home around 4pm plus looking tired..sleeping and a little bit grouchy hahahahhaha. I am already shinny hahahah I do have oily skin and even if I put on powder I will be this shinny at the end of the day which is still acceptable for me, you should see me without putting on powder in the morning, you will need sunglasses to look at me hahahahaha.

Up close @ 4pm, now my pores are almost out hahahah saying hi to you all 😊. A bit of coverage which is expected for I did not even touch it up throughout the day. I did feel oily tolerable oily but it was fine..I am an oily person remember hahahahah.

So here is the thing that our mothers always remind us...don't sleep with any make up on..well technically TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion is 99% skincare and 1% makeup and some Youtube vloggers did share that they sometimes sleep with this still on...after a hard day hahahah.. well I not only had a tiring day..I was really tired so I need to nap so told myself...let's do this am so lazy to wash my face for I knew the moment that I do that I will be awake hahahahha.. I need to be happy!!!!

Woke up around 8 pm and my face was still ok hahahahah. Too shiny for my liking but what will you expect when you wake up hahahahahah.

So what are my thoughts?? 

I do like how it made my face feel..smooth and the coverage is good for me even if I only apply 1 layer. And it doesn't give me a heavy make-uppy feeling. It was like wearing a moisturizer.

The dewy look was never my style maybe I always associate dewy with oily hahahaha but setting it with a powder helps. TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion does have SPF 50 maybe in day 2, I will skip putting on sunscreen and powder and see how it performs. I am using a no shine hydrating sunscreen from The Face Shop and Innisfree No Sebum mineral powder.

When we were having lunch I kept on asking or more of pestering my brother Phlebas how I looked..I am so conscious that I looked whiter and that it does not match my neck hahahahah.. so he told me that I looked like I have baby powder on which I am not so sure how to make it good or bad, then at night when I asked him again (after waking up from my blissful nap) he then again said you still look like you have baby powder (now am thinking of espasol look!!) 

Getting that reaction from my brother...I did send my picture to a friend she did say it looks good and it matches my skin tone so now I am confused.

Looking at the pictures I really can't tell but I will keep on using it and maybe next time take a video recording instead which I need to find the courage to actually film it hahahahhaa.

Other than the whiteness issue I am happy on how it performed so far with one day of usage.

Day 2: Without Sunscreen and powder

Ok day 1 was following my normal routine, skincare, sunscreen and finish my makeup with powder. 

Today to give it a twist let's forgo with the sunscreen and powder.

Let us take a closer look, like the day before I just used 1 layer and it was still easy to apply and it did go on smoothly.

Here I am outdoors, it did looked natural and not cakey, the dewiness is still good not to shiny for me. Since I did not set it with powder I did feel kinda sticky and maybe having my hair down did not help either coz it does stick to my face hahahahahha.

Now this is me when I got home around 9 pm and that's wearing it for 4 hours without retouching or blotting my face with a tissue. At this point I do feel oily and heavy and it does show. But it still looked great, smooth and my pores are still covered quite well.

Let us take a closer look.. you could see that my face nose is already super oily but my cheeks are still covered smoothly although the pores are getting a bit visible. I guess that's the usual problem for oily skin our T Zone gets oily quite fast even if you're just out for 4 hours hahahahhaha.. for day 3 I might set this with just powder and see how it goes.

Day 3: With just powder

Being it a school break for me I still have to work hahahahhaha. Today will be the longest day I could try the TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion it's like wearing it during my normal workdays minus the sunscreen although it does have SPF 50 but a little more protection won't hurt right?

Anyways let me guide you through my started at 8am this time around I was not confined in a AC room, Singapore is a humid country and today was not an exception. In the afternoon I met some friends for lunch, oh oh once I reached my workplace at 12nn after being in a non AC room for 5 hours I did feel oily and it did cake around my chin area ...I panicked hahahahah and forget to take a photo so I did retouched it with powder at 12nn.

Overall I still liked how it looked after wearing it for 12 hours, I did feel oily at the end of the day but it's fine, I had worse days hahahahhaha.

So how do I find TROIAREUKE A+ Cushion after trying it for 3 days...I will definitely wear this on a daily basis will use it with my sunscreen and set it with powder, for it gave me the best finish and wearability wherein I don't need to touch it up hahahahaha I am one lazy lady you know hahahahahha.

If you want to give  [TROIAREUKE] A+ Cushion a try you could purchase it from Qoo10 HERE  or click the picture. (affiliate link)

oh oh before I forget, you could follow Edward Avila  on Youtube

and you can also find him here:

Snapchat: ed-weird0

How about you..did you bought anything because you saw it at Youtube? Share them with me in the comment section and maybe I could try it too 😉.

Till my next adventure Belles!! Be kind, grateful and blessed :-)



  1. Hi there, great review. Thank you for sharing :) x

  2. I pesonally LOVE the super dewy finish, so will definitely be checking this product out! hopefully it's the right shade for me! xo

  3. I like a dewy finish but not too much that I look like an oil slick x

  4. This does look good - shame it is only available in one shade though. Kaz

  5. This is a great review, it definitely has made a difference to your skin!

  6. Such a good review, I love the good result, I would love to try this cushion.

  7. This looks lovely and natural on your skin! Great review, you're so thorough! :)

  8. just like you i really started hoarding a lot of makeup after watching youtube!!!! this one looks great with anti aging properties!

  9. I do like a powder finish for a more natural day look - this seems to last quite well too! x


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