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A little note

A little note

Beauty: Kailijumei lipstick

It's our school break finally!! Although it didn't feel like it to me for I had some work related things to do over the week..what got me excited is that I am finally able to try the things that I've bought hahahahah. Again this is another series that A youtube vlogger made me buy hahahah.

So who is this youtuber that made me buy this pretty Kailijumei Lipstick.. Meet Tati Westbrook the Glam Life Guru she's amazing I love her unbiased product reviews, videos on Drugstore & Luxury Beauty Products on YouTube.

I can't even remember how I found out about her in Youtube, but she's been part of my daily routine,guess what I might even try the drugstore products that she has featured hahahahaha and there are tons of it hahahahahah.

I watch all her videos and that is how I found out about this pretty lipstick... ok ok I know it was all over instagram but it was her that made me actually find this lippie and give it a try.

Here is her full review.


Created by beauty brand Kailijumei, this clear lipstick is infused with jelly, gold specks, and a tiny flower placed right in the center.

It imparts a glossy pink tint to your lips that changes colors depending on your body temperature.

I've purchased the items again in Qoo10, although it took a while before I got it,it was worth the wait.

And yes I bought all 4 shades hahahahah...

Time to open these babies up...

The box is sturdy although kinda big for a lippie, liked the idea that the lipstick is encased in another container... 

Not sure how you guys feel about it...but I love love the red colours hahahahah.

and all the lipstick has this small mirror on to it..easy to do those touch ups 

oh oh opening it could be tricky hahahahah you have to push the red button to release the lippie

ok now is the time to show you how pretty these babies pretty and the smell is sweet.

And up close...

They are all so pretty, that I can't choose a favorite..too pretty to use hahahahaha..

Time to swatch them out...this is the bummer part. It was easy to apply it glided nicely when I swatched it, the lippie looked fragile right? but it did hold hahahahahha.

Upon 1st application all of them looked the same :-( so I waited for 5 mins to let it set in...tadaaaah!!! they are still the same hahahhaa.. although it turned out to be a pretty wearable pink which I don't mind. 

Oh oh... after swatching I took a shower for I needed to get ready to go and watch Beauty and the Beast which I was thankful that I did this first hahahahha I had some difficulty in removing them and mind you I used an oil cleanser and there were some visible residue marks hahahahah I had to scrub it with loofah (ok not that hard scrubbing). Which got me scared and excited about the long wearing of this lippie.

Now time to try it on, since they all swatched the same decided to use the Flame red and thinking of giving out other 3 to my friends hahahahah..

I usually put a lip balm first my lips are kinda dry so I need the moisture.

Application was smooth it didn't drag. I liked the moistury feeling afterwards, not sticky.

Pigmentation was ok for me not so bright, it gives you a sheer finish, just what I like for normal everyday wear.

We had dinner and just as expected I ate it together with my food... definitely need to retouch which I did and again it didn't last that long too..

But this got me thinking..why was it difficult to remove when I swatched it.. hmmmmm? it should be the lip balm...well gotta give it another try this time without using a lip balm.

So here is day 2... there was no big difference on its long wearing capabilities, it applied the same but it didn't made my lips feel dry even if I didn't apply any lip balm which was a plus.

The lippies are really pretty to look at even smelled great, but you don't need to buy all the lippies since they swatched all the if you want to try it just choose your favorite from the pictures above.

To follow Tati Westbrook on Youtube HERE
And here other social media accounts Snapchat = TatiWestbrook Facebook Twitter My Instagram

So how about you Belles..any items that you bought because you watched it on Youtube? Or any Youtubers you are following for your daily beauty tips...share it on the comment section below.

Till my next adventure..Be courageous ,kind and a blessing to everyone you meet!



  1. These lipsticks look so pretty! I'm not surprised you bought all 4 of them :)

  2. It's a shame they all swatch the shame but they are super pretty! ♥


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