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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: Gudetama Cafe Singapore

It has opened in SG last November at Suntec City and every time we would pass by there is a long line hahahahah... well the Galang siblings are not known for lining up to wait hahahah when we are hungry we are hungry.

So I was surprised when there was no que hahahaha maybe it was too early, I was at Suntec to get my phone repaired it was before 6pm. We took this opportunity to finally try the lazy egg cafe that almost everyone was raving about.

The interior is brightly lit which I love...I like to see my food hahahaahah, wish I could taken more photos :-(

So lets get into the food...the reason why we came.

We ordered our drinks, it was an ok drink but kinda expensive for  $8,50 love the glasses.

Straw-very Lazy and Hula Hula @ $8.50

Straw-very Lazy @ $8.50

Next was soup..The Gudetama Lobster Onsen at $16. The portion was big enough to share, kinda find it too seafoody taste if that makes sense.. I know I know its lobster bisque its supposed to be seafoody but we felt that theres something missing. The side salad though was delish!!!

Gudetama Lobster Onsen at $16

Now onto our mains...

I had the Shiok Pork ribs at $38.50, hmmmm? I could say that I had better ribs somewhere. It was not as tender as I was expecting, found it kinda dry to my liking. The side veggies was great, seasoned and cooked well.

Shiok Pork ribs at $38.50

Shiok Pork ribs at $38.50

Shiok Pork ribs at $38.50

My little Bro Phlebas had "I am Cold Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict @ 26.90. This is a winner. It's a must try here at Gudetama. When you sliced into the eggs the yolk will just spill over the bread and the combination of the sauce, yolk and salmon is heavenly hahahahaha.. The side salad is again good.

I am Cold Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict @ 26.90

And for my favorite part of any meal...the desserts!!!!

Gude Pudding @ $16.90 wow!! how do I start to describe it...great? Awesome?...awesomely great to be exact, cold sweet and jiggly hahahahahah.. perfect ending to any meal.

Gude Pudding @ $16.90

Gude Pudding @ $16.90

And for my Brother Phlebas who is actually not a fan of dessert giving it a thumbs up means a lot hahahahahah.

then another dessert Ta-ma-go @ $17.90 ok this was our least favorite, we just didn't like the texture and it was just plain sweet although have to say its cute.

Ta-ma-go @ $17.90

It was a mixture of hits and misses. Will definitely come back for the Smoked Salmon and pudding :-)

Bright and cozy the dining area which I love.

The staff was courteous and helpful.

On the high side, was it worth the money you're paying? hmmmm..I think if you ordered the right food it will be.

Will I come back??
Yes! Need to try the rest of their menu.

#01-61 Suntec City Mall, 5
3 Temasek Blvd

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 9am to 10pm
Friday to Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Till our next Happy Tummy Adventure.



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