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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: Badoque (upper thomson)

Happy New year!!! 

I would usually cook during the holidays but this year the lazy bug bit me so we ended up eating outside which I didn't mind...less hassle for me hahahahahhah.

My brother Phlebas and I had dinner with Sky Koh and GF in one of the Mookata restaurant in Upper Thomson when I noticed the restaurant Badoque beside it, got curious, called and made reservation for New Year Day dinner.

Their menu is kinda interesting, but don't fret the descriptions are in English.

Placed our orders and of course its picture taking time. Wanted to take photos of the dining area but it was kinda packed so decided not too...people might be offended when I start clicking away right?

The drinks came
Sparkling Pear @ sgd 9.00

Iced Lemon Tea @ sgd 5.00

Then came our Chicken Soup (sgd 2.50)

and of course we have to be healthy .... Greek salad @ sgd 9.50

And the star of the show our mains

Rib Eye Steak @ sgd 36.00

Salmon Belly pasta in cream sauce @ sgd 18.00

Mac and Cheese @ sgd 16.00

So how was our experience?

Chicken Soup: It's ok, we were joking that it tasted like the Knorr chicken soup but hey for sgd 2.50 we can't complain.

Greek Salad: Love it..happy tummy the dressing was the right amount, the feta cheese, tomatoes and olives was yummy!!!

Rib Eye Steak : it comes with 5 side dishes and the serving is huge hahahah but it was not a problem with my brother Phlebas. The steak was slightly over cooked but still tasted great, the sauce was perfect.

Salmon Belly Pasta: The cream sauce was creamy, pasta al dente, salmon was cooked right, seasoning on point. Hubbyness loved it.

Mac and Cheese: This is the bummer..the sauce was kinda soupy, was missing the cheese part, there is a lot of chicken and sausage. I even asked for extra Parmesan cheese but it didn't save the dish. Maybe it's just me having this notion of what a mac and cheese should be creamy cheese sauce topped with more cheese baked till golden crispy brown hahahahha. I love food and it usually dictates my mood and this made my night a real bummer. On the way home I actually snapped at Hubbyness hahahha and he understood he asked me if I wanted to eat, I declined. case you're wondering I didn't finished it, my brother Phlebas did :-(

Loved the setting, the dinning area is not crammed, loved the decorations. Cozy setting.


I need to share this, I messaged them through this Facebook Page to inquire if they still accept reservations it was around 10pm, I was expecting a reply the following day...but lo and behold they responded past 12MN...this is above and beyond.

Called the following day (31st Dec) to make a reservation the girl who answered was courteous.  

I love love the staff, from the time you enter to the time you leave their service was great. Our server Farid was excellent, friendly, informative, and sincere. The place was kinda full and there were only 4 servers on the floor and yet they are all attentive and smiling. Kudos to the staff!!!

Super worth it,our total bill was SGD 116.30 including GST and SC. Their portions are quite huge so you could definitely share a main if you want. But we just don't share our mains and desserts hahahhahaha. 

Will I come back??
Yes!! I can't wait to try their other food items,yah yah I know I was grumbling about their Mac and Cheese but hey..1 out of 9 items is not bad ratio and they do have other items in their menu.

I will even recommend this place to my muslim friends...I will just ask them to stay away from the Mac and Cheese :-)

Want to know more about are their details

Address: 246 Upper Thompson Road Singapore 574370
Phone: 6552 1646

Till our next Happy Tummy Adventure!



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