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A little note

A little note

Colourpop - Hot To Trot (Lippie to Go Collection)

Ok, I have an explanation for this... I know I don't usually post about makeups but tonight I had a bad dinner experience ok not so bad but it did affect me a bit hahahahahah that will be in another Happy Tummy post. Since I ordered some lippies and eye shadow from Colourpop I decided to try all the lippies in the Lippie to go collection in one go, as they say lippies could actually brighten anyones mood.

So please excuse how I look my my Etude House Precious Mineral failed me hahahahah luckily I just got the tester size hahahahha.

Anyways lets start....

Ordered a few things from Colourpop through their website and when it arrived was pleasantly surprised on how good they packed my items.

Here are the swatches from the website

What made me choose these not only does the color looks pretty but it has a lipstick on one end and a pencil liner on the other.

Now let's try them on, decided to follow the list from the to bottom which I think is the lightest to darkest shade.

Again disclaimer I look awful hahahahahah shine shine to the max and my hair is so frizzy :-(
Will be showing 1 pic neutral 1 pic smiling 1 kinda close up

Cookie: True nude beige in a matte finish 
Skimpy pencil: Soft warm nude beige in a matte finish

If you are going for the no make up make up look then this shade will be great or if you plan to wear heavy eye shadow and didn't feel that its making my lips dry.

Cami: Neutral mauve pink in a Matte X finish
Bound pencil: Mid-tone nude pink in a matte finish

Again another great neutral lippie, love this! Again not drying to the lips and application is easy.

LBB: Rich plum wine in a matte finish 
LBB pencil: Rich plum wine in a matte finish

This lippie is on the darker shade of pink, kinda like it.

Chateau: Warm-tone blackened red in Matte X finish 
Dukes pencil: Dark blackberry in a matte finish

Ok, if you know know that am going to bias to this one...Red lippie a must have for any woman hahahahahha I Love love the color, the pigmentation is great. Although I felt that it dried my lips upon application and kinda feel that its cracking not sure if its because this is the 4th lippie but I've been putting a lip balm on my lips before I apply the lipsticks, may next time I will put another layer of lip balm on top. 

Chateau: Warm-tone blackened red in Matte X finish 
Dukes pencil: Dark blackberry in a matte finish

I've never been a fan of dark shades but I am kinda liking this one on me hahahahaha. Like the Chateau/Dukes lippie this made my lips feel dry and cracking application is kinda difficult you need a few swipes to get the color that you wanted. Maybe a lip balm on top will help.

Woah!!! I love all the colors. I did use one tonight for our dinner. I used LBB one.
Here I am waiting for the bus...

And here when I got home after dinner, there's a bit pigmentation left but then this is having dinner and dessert so I think it did fairly good. I didn't feel dry.

Trying all those lippies are not easy, I have a new found respect for all those beauty bloggers. 

Opps..I used these in between trying those lippies. Burt's Bees and Fresh Sugar lip polish.

So what to I think of my new lippies... I love them all some more than the other, for $18 for 5 lippies, it's $3.60 a piece.. it's totally worth it a girl can't have enough lippies in her arsenal right?

I am excited to use them, I will update this post when I use the rest of the colors.

And if you're wondering if I am feeling ok now...Yes!!! hahahahahah it's like when I was a child playing with my Moms make up hahahahahha.

If you want to buy these babies head on to Colourpop Website.

They have free international shipping for purchases above USD 50.00 and trust me it's easy to reach it hahahahahha. 

Till my next adventure Belles!



  1. wow such a bargain and I love the colours :) The nude one is my favourite!

  2. loving the colours of these products. And the packaging is also very pretty.

  3. door to door po ba nadeliver?

  4. magkano po ang delivery charge ng colourpop to the philippines?

    1. Hi Andrei, free international shipping po for 50sgd purchases. But minsan po may promo sila na free shipping. Check their website and subscribe po kayo so you could be updated when they have promotions.


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