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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: Free Watercolor Labels for Blogger

Haiz, This is what happens when I am on a looooong break, 1 month to be exact keeping myself busy with updating my blog and finding ways to increase its traffic, I joined this Facebook group Bloggers Helping Each Other. I love this keep me busy for 2 days hahahahha, that will be another story.

To take a break I decided to tweak the blog again hahahahahha which took me a day. I was not able to go to the gym or do any chores sigh!

So what did I changed? the labels on the side bar.

If you want to know how to add any social media labels of buttons on the sidebar of you blog, I have the post HERE.

So here was how my blog looked like after the updates.

Watercolor Labels

Transparent Labels
I liked them both but my heart liked the transparent labels.

So here is the exciting part, while I was designing the watercolor labels on Canva I made a few for you guys that you could use. Click on the picture to download.

Can't decide which one? You could download the whole collection HERE.

There are only 9 labels per color if you need other labels please message me HERE and I will try my best to assist you :-).

Let me know what you think about these watercolor labels on the comment section.

Till the next time...



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