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A little note

A little note

The Best of You Exhibit (Marina Square)

I am so excited to write about this experience of mine, wanted to write about it as soon as I reached home but was so tired got home around 10 pm hahahahahah.

This will be a long post, thought of breaking it into 3 separate post but then again it will also break my momentum..see what happened to my Travel post about our Batam trip hahahahah for this I apologize. There will be a lot of pictures taken with my Oppo F1 phone and of course my thoughts about the experience.

Anyways the day started like any normal day, We were on our way to Marina Square for a sales event when we passed by the atrium and saw this...

I think our voice was quite loud because one of the staff approached us, a young polite chap, he asked if we were interested in signing up for the workshops, I was interested in the Silk screening with Joseph Chiang which is on at 3:30pm...perfect I thought to myslef we are finishing our shift at 2:30.

The guy informed us that his colleagues are not yet in but he will help us pass our details to them so we could be registered for the workshop, gave him my name card and left for our event.

After an hour or two I received this message from Huishan.. yeheey!!!

We finished our shift at around 2:45pm...rushed to get a quick bite at Carl's Jr located at the basement.

With a very Happy Tummy we went to the atrium for the workshop. We arrived a few minutes late hahahahah.

We got into our seats and listened to Mr Joseph explain the basics of the silk screening process.

He also shared the different paints and equipment that we will need

And the fun part begins, he told us that we could choose to make a Tote bag or a notebook..

I choose the tote bag, for you can't get enough of it right? 

And Whoop choose the notebook

The instructors will be going around to teach us how to do it, they said its better this way because for newbies like us it could get a bit messy hahahahhaah..

So we have to wait for our turn...

Here is Mr Joseph teaching which I adore..I love it when kids and adults alike are eager to learn a skill that is almost extinct... hahahhahaah

and now its Whoop's turn

Tadaah!!! Whoop has a new notebook hahahahahah

Now it's my turn to make the Tote bag...told Whoop to take pictures but she decided to make a video instead hahahahah

I've spoken to Mr Joseph after the workshop, and found out that they run workshops, will write the details at the end of the post.

We were just hanging around the area when Mr MJ approached us to ask if we are interested in joining the next workshop at 5;30pm, its a leather workshop...of course we said yes..

So what could you with almost an hour to spare for the next workshop...

Take Instagram worthy pictures!!!!

And then we noticed these walls...there are a few of them in the exhibit...

The walls are decorated with cards of people sharing their stories on how they became the "best of me"

We took our time in reading some of the postcards...and saw a familiar photo on the wall...
a postcard from Ms Amie Magpantay.

She is the mother of one of our students.. she lost her husband a month ago.. She is one of the strongest lady I've met and she also has a big heart, reading her postcard made me realize that despite what life has given you..once must live it with a open heart and mind and always live in the moment..this is love people!!! We should learn a thing or more from Ms Amie... she has her blog wherein she shares stories it's a good read...remember I just told you we could learn a thing or more from this lady...check it out Amie Repizo Simply Special

All these readings inspired me and Whoop..

I thought it was going to be easy..but I did get emotional (I know! am always emotional) but thinking who to addressed the card to is difficult..decided to write to my 2 siblings.. the first few words almost made me cry...honestly just thinking what to write to them got me teary in seriously teary eyed that I had to stop hahahahahha.

But tapping myself at the back for I was able to pen most of them down...

The idea of reflecting on one own achievement and success and being able to say thank you to the people that had help you become who you are is something that we should do more often.

The staff will offer if you want your picture taken on the wall (picture above) and you will get a Polaroid copy of the picture

and here is the funny part...we were still in the atrium when we bumped into 2 of our colleagues and they told us that they saw my card posted on the wall and that they were touched of what I wrote...shocked coz I didn't sign my name but my nick name which not everyone knows unless you knew me from Manila...I asked how they knew it was me...boink!! the card and my pic was posted on the wall hahahahhaah

Some grammatical errors there...told you I was emotional...can you not judge hahahahah.

Found Whoops card too...told her am not going to post it but it was so touching and I need a copy..

The exhibition is only until the 7th November..but you could still share your stories online. Just click the picture below and it will bring you to "The Best of You" movement page.

 The Best of You Movement

We still had a few minutes to spare...decided to get our coffee fix the next workshop is until 7pm..walked our way up to Starbucks on the 2nd floor...their Christmas flavor is out...we have to get our Toffee Nut Latte Frappucino!!!

Carrying our coffee we went back to the Atrium...and just in time the workshop was about to start.
Remember the guy who told us about the workshop? Here is Mr MJ speaking to welcome the participants and gave a short introduction.

On our table we have the workshop kit that we are going to use...

Then with assistance from the instructors of  Personalised Love (PLove) we started our coin/card holder project

We hammered our way...


learned how to do a saddle stitch to put all the parts together..

Yes... I have a lot of white hair and Yes! I've gave up on dyeing them hahahahahah...I always tell people I am Storm from the X-men.

After an hour... here we are with our finished project.. (applause! applause!)

This project is harder than it looks...the sewing is a bit hard, found a new respect for leather crafts artisans...I poke my fingers quite a few time, my fingers were red because of the poking and pulling of the needle. But look at our faces holding our finished was totally worth it!!

Now why am I so excited about this experience...

All the workshops are free.

It's a great opportunity for people to learn the trade of handmade items, which I am so happy that its finally getting some attention in the mainstream.

Don't get me wrong I love using my phone, lappy and all the techhie gadgets, I also love doing digital designs I could spend hours in front of my lappy or TV..but the feeling of actually making something from your own hands..being able to touch the fabric, material accidentally poking your fingers with the needle, getting your clothes stained and dirty then after all those..seeing your final's just priceless a sense of accomplishment...

The reaction of the recipient of your handmade item...its just the cherry on top! It gives you the motivation to make more and continue in the journey of handmade items hahhhaha ( now am becoming cheesy.. but its true)

I was worried for a time that these skills will be extinct and that our younger generation will not be able to experience it. Now am hopeful that this trade will be here to stay because there are still people out there teaching and sharing their expertise.

And lastly...I was able to meet passionate people about the craft and helping people particularly youngster!! that's another post, once I have all the details I will share..but we will only be working together next year.

As promised... here are the details

The Best of You Movement
The Best of You Movement

Started in 2014, this movement is powered by these tributes to one’s life accomplishments and experiences. Coming from all walks of life, these are tributes that speak of courage, regret, community, love, encouragement, redemption and, most of all, empowerment.
While people shared their stories, many others were inspired and even empowered by their words.
Website:     The Best of you movement

Silkscreen Workshop by Monster Gallery

Contact person: Mr Joseph Chiang
Email :
Facebook: Monster Gallery

Leather Coin/card holder Workshop by Personalised Love

Personalised Love (PLove) was founded on the belief that each special needs individual is gifted and we embrace each individual’s talent. Our mission is to empower special needs persons through various empowerment programs and inclusive employment with the objective of maximizing the full potential of each individual. It is our desire to celebrate the gifts in each individual, regardless of their disabilities, empowering them as dignified members of society.

Facebook : Personalised Love

Till our next adventure!!! Be kind..Be Grateful..Be Blessed!!



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