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A little note

A little note

Mind your Art Workshop

Yeheey!! It's finally our 1 month break hahahahah. I and the gang decided to start it off by attending a mindfulness and art workshop.

All photos here are taken using my Oppo F1 phone and Sky's phone which I think is Samsung something hahahaha no filter no editing :-) unless stated in the caption.

Here we are waiting for the workshop to start. Please excuse Sky Koh expression but he is happy that we are attending the workshop, being with all ladies sometimes can take a toll on the one and only guy in the group hahahahahahah

The workshop is held at Scape 4th Floor.

It's my first time being at Scape Headquarters.. loved the graffiti on their walls.

Of course me and Whoop can't resist taking a twofie with the art as our background.

Ok.. enough all of these and let's start talking about the workshop.

Source: Mind Your Art FB page
Let's get a bit technical hahahahah what is exactly Mind Your Art.. from their Facebook Page and Meet up profile

Works of art such as paintings or sculpture are often considered to be the expression and application of human skill and imagination that are appreciated for their aesthetic beauty. But the power and benefits of art goes far beyond the physical art piece that is produced as the process of producing art can be used as a transformational platform to foster a state of mindfulness that can help us to access deep emotions, passions and goals that are buried in our subconscious in the midst of the hustle and bustle of hectic living. The Mind Your Art workshop aims to make the transformational potential of art accessible to people regardless of whether they are professionally trained artists with the believe that every person is born with a creative impulse that is waiting to find expression.

kinda deep right? hahahahah but it still got us excited to join in. We bought out tickets through their Meet-up page.

Going in we don't have any idea what's in store for us..kinda guessed that it has something to do with visualization and meditation..but boy where we in for a surprise.

The room was big enough to accommodate around 20 participants, me and whoop decided to take the last seats so I could take photos without disturbing the rest. There is a soft music playing and essentials oils it does give you a calming you entered a spa or you're about to start Yoga..which I didn't mind I liked the ambiance that they created.

And there was a lot of art work of Ms Jessie displayed. Loved this particular painting, it reminded me of a similar painting we had at my Lola Naty home back in Manila.

And of course Whoop had to take a photo with it :-)

Here is whats on our work station, all the materials are provided. So you don't need to worry if you don't own any brushes or paints. You just need to bring yourself.

The workshop started with an introduction of what Mind your Art is...Here is Ms Jessie doing the introduction.

Then its the Mindfulness part begins lead by Ms Serene

She guided us through a series of exercises.. I enjoyed the breathing exercise. Do you guys know that breathing properly...hmmm.. let me rephrase... being mindful of your breathing helps a person to relax, focus and it clears your mind too.

Didn't get to take pictures of the process...hahahahah my eyes were closed and I did unplug for I want to enjoy the moment. :-)

Next was the visualization exercise, you will be asked to close your eyes and be mindful of your breathing and Ms Serene will guide you, allowing your mind to wander and connect to your heart.

It will be mostly Ms Serene voice you will hear, her voice has this calming effect, soft and yet a sense of I could trust her to guide me through this process.

I've been through a lot of visualization workshops and I could tell you not all has this effect on me hahahahah some of them makes me scared. Not Ms Serene which made this journey easy.

Now you will realize how the music and ambiance helped.

After which she will ask you to answer some questions. Be truthful in your answers it will help you in the painting part and you are the only one that will be able to see, unless you want to share it with your buddy.

This is like a reflection on your visualization journey, turn off your inner critic..let love and acceptance in and let it be all positive thoughts...easier said than done hahhahaahah but I did give it a try.

Don't worry if you can't understand the questions.. she will guide you through it.

Now its the Art part

Ms Jessie will be guiding you in the process of turning your visions into a art.

Before me and Whoop could start we can't resist to take some photos hahahahhaha, Yes just in case its not obvious we love to take photos.

Here she is listening attentively to the instructions...

Here am not sure hahahahahaah

Now let the painting begin...

You are given a basic set of acrylic paints...

Based on your visualization...remember the questions?? One of them is what colours did you see?
Mixed the colours or you could go another route,,up to's your art just follow the flow.

And paint away the image...

Art can be intimidating, follow your intuition. There was a few things that Ms Jessie and Ms Serene said that stuck to me while I was doing my master piece :-) 

Breathe. Be calm.
Play, let it come out.
Tune into your own inner most feelings.
It doesn't have to make sense other people, and you don't need to explain.

And my favorite...It doesn't need to be perfect.

Just enjoy the process, it's your personal journey.

From Mind Your Art FB Page

From Jessie Chandran FB

After an hour you will be finish with your painting. Time to relax. And admire your painting

And of course take photos, all have their own flaws...but again Art is not perfect. It's the journey of each of my friends and looking at it makes me proud of our accomplishments. 

And of course have to take ownership of our taking a wefie...

Selfies and twofies...look at us beaming with pride for a job well done.

And the most important part...the group picture with the great instructor who took us into this wonderful eye, mind and heart opening journey.

From Mind Your Art FB page

And before they ended the workshop we needed to fill out a survey form...not sure if Sky is going to strangle me...but I just have to share it...

We do realize new things about our love ones every day hahahahaha 

ok now time for my reflection...

I know meditating, visualization and art is not for everyone. But I will recommend for you guys to give it a try...for as I say how will you know if you hadn't tried and if you did maybe give it another chance hahahahhaah.

What I've gotten to take away from this aside from my awesome painting (note to self have to hang in on the wall ).

That art is for everyone, you don't need to be great in drawing or even good with colours, it's all about trusting yourself, letting go and just say to your inner critic voice to keep quiet and shut up hahahaha. Be proud of your self...

I did a lot of self talk to myself during the process..telling myself that its my painting, as long as I know am being true...who cares what other people say of what they think it is, although I realized that different people interpreted it differently some were hilarious and some were sweet...the secret?? take it all in positively.

You may ask if I am going to take part again? Hell Yah hahahahaha. 

I love doing these type of things...getting in touch of your inner self..learning how to breathe. (of course everybody breathes but doing mindful breathing is another level) learning how to let go and just trust your journey.

I know it sounds preachy or spiritual but then at this day and age wherein there's a lot of negativity around us..or even within ourselves. We need to re-learn all these. It will not only help you but also the people that surrounds you. Not sure if I am making sense hahahahahhaah or it's just me blubbering away again. Hope you get my point.

Their personal stories are inspiring..of course am not going to write it have to be there for you to understand and be inspired.

Another thing that Ms Jessie said is about Art not being perfect and it only has to make sense to you and that you don't need to explain...unless someone ask I think. It gave me the confidence to just paint whatever was in my head..of course I needed to tweak it a bit but overall am happy of what I accomplished.

Interested in joining such workshops? 

Here are the details where you could get in touch with them.

Mind Your Art

They are running some events in December and early next year both for adults and children.

Till next time peeps!!!



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