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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: Picnic

And there was three hahahhaha...after our Mind Your Art workshop which you could read about it HERE. We decided to have dinner. Whoop was not able to join us for she has another appointment it so typical of her to double book herself was her lost hahahah we had a great time.

We initially planned to go to Paris Baguette at Wisma, but then I remembered about this new place that I read about and it was also at Wisma.

As always, all pictures are taken with my Oppo F1 phone and Skys Samsung phone. No filter or editing done unless stated at the caption.

Look at us so exicted...who doesn't get excited with food!!!!

At the entrance you will notice that there is a map of the establishment.

And what type of food they have to offer...Flavors of the world. Haiz, this is the part where I wished I hadn't eaten so much for lunch at 4 Fingers.

Upon entry you will be given a token, which you will be using when you order your food.

And these beauties greeted us...the dessert section right at the entrance...this is so unfair!!!!

I had to stop myself from ordering hahahahah but then see what happened in a bit.
We had to find our seats, there were a few sections.
The place is quite dimly lit which I didn't like wish it was a bit more brighter.
It's free seating so feel free to roam around and plunk yourself where you feel comfortable.
For a Sunday night it was not crowded.

And we decided here...

Now its time to order.... 
They have multiple food carts that you could choose from depending what you are in the mood for.
Let's go to the food trucks!!!


Soups and Sandwiches




Pizza and Pasta

Fried Chicken

Roasted Chicken


Smoothies and Juices

Alcoholic and coffee bar 

So how to order?
They have this station wherein you could place your order...

don't be scared its not that intimidating hahahahah..just follow the instructions and you will be fine. A tip though, decide on what you want first before proceeding to the station, you don't want to form a line behind you with hungry patrons looking at you right?

After ordering head on to your tables..sit..relax..wait for your token to buzz and light up..proceed to the truck or station to collect your food.

So many choices..and our tummy is so little hahahaha. And what did we actually ordered?

For Sean, Fish and Chips.
She liked it, the touch of pesto on the fish was not overwhelming. The fish was tender and sweet and the batter was not thick which is good for any fish and chips, and it cost S$22.00

Sky from the Japanese Truck.
I was not able to get the name of this dish. But Sky was so impressed. The serving of the meat was a lot to the point that he gave me 2 slices. And boy...the meat is tender it was grilled almost to perfection, seasoned short next time am going to order this and not share hahahahahha.

And for me...Yes that's just a bowl of Seafood Chowder...don't panic I could explain hahahaha my post is not done yet....If you know me,,,you would have guessed whats next.

The chowder is creamy, it has tons of seafood, enough to fill your tummy.

Look at them....not resisting to take a twofie before eating hahahhahaha

Now here is the reason why I just had a bowl of favorite part of every meal..the reason why I have to leave space in my tummy....

This will be the real reason for me to come back...the dessert were awesome!!! I actually wanted to order more items like their crepes and ice cream but then I know we wont be able to finish it all. sigh!!!

And of solo shot with these worth it. hahahahahha sugar high boink boink..
Note to self...not to indulge too much I was so hyper and pumped with energy that it gave me a slight headache. Once I reached home I was like an energizer bunny talking away hahahahahha.

Done..our tummies are full.. time to pay.
They have a self checkout counter, there are staff that will assist you.
During our visit they did had some issues that ending Sky and Sean to pay their bill at the entrance.

So how was our experience?

Great, we loved what we ordered and don't get me started with the desserts.

Not sure what they are going for, but its kinda dark for's not my eyesight hahahahah it's just dark. It's a family restaurant maybe they could consider brightening the place up, they do have great decorations but somehow its was lost in the dimly lit place...I want to see my surroundings, my food well hahahahahha

The staff was courteous and helpful, just ask the guy at the soup station, I had to come back several times and I can't make up my mind whether to have soup with sandwich or soup...he was nice enough to answer all my questions. The lady in the dessert station was also nice and polite hahahaha I was ordering and I keep on saying "and" hahahahha the look on her face was priceless. I also asked her several questions and she was patient and smiling all the way.

Note: next time I should really put and effort on taking down names of service staff.

A bit on the expensive Iced Lemon Tea or Lemonade will cost you S$6.00 hahahahah the cupcake cost me S$ 4.50 get my point?

Will I come back??
Yes!! I can't wait to try their other food items, will bring my arsenal of eating brother Phlebas and my Hubbyness so I can order what I want and not worrying if I will be able to finish it for they will finish it for me hahahahhaha..

Want to know more about are their details

Located at Wisma Atria Level 3 (next to the taxi stand)

Open from 10am to 10pm daily
(Trucks start at 11am, last order at 9.30pm)
Telephone number: +65 6734 8352

Till next time Belles!!



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