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A little note

A little note

30 Christmas Quotes for Instagram posts

Christmas is just around the corner 30 days to be exact and it gets me excited and a bit nostalgic and emotional. I have not celebrated Christmas with my family for almost 15 years now... I can't even remember the last time we were complete, haiz!!! it is true what they say, you would never know how much it means to you until you don't have it anymore. So my piece of advice to you young ones...treasure every minute of it...yes you could still spend time with your friends..but make sure you celebrate it first with your know you could always make new friends but you only have one Family.

I think this is the last Family Christmas picture that we had, it was taken at our old house in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines... Now it's only the three of us left and sadly we are in different countries. My sister Chiqui in Los Angeles, my brother Paulo in Manila and me in Singapore. Hopefully my brother can join me for Christmas this praying hard, if not well it will be the saddest Christmas ever for me sob! sob! sob! I might just sleep my way through it if it happens hahahahha.

Don't get me wrong I still love a kid as in literally like a kid I get excited when I see all the Christmas decorations in the mall, love to sing a long with Christmas songs..but things are different now, the joy that it brings me also bring sadness and a bit of anxiety attack hahahahhaah, but I think that is what life is about a mixture of feelings and one just have to buckle it up and live through it the best possible way we could.

Well, enough of my emotional rants hahahahhaha. While I was contemplating about Christmas I had the idea of creating some Christmas Quotes for my Instagram account and of course I needed to share it with you guys...feel free to use it.

You could download the pictures HERE

I am ending this post with this final quote...

Home is where the heart is 
From heart to the family 
Family love is the best thing
About Christmas 
Spending time and spreading the joy 
There are many reasons to enjoy 
Family love is the best love during Christmas 
Merry Christmas!!




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