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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy : Tuk Tuk Cha Thai tea and Coffee @ J8

Tuk Tuk Cha was has been opened at J8 for quite sometime now, I was not able to try their desserts for their dining area has always been full whenever a passed by. So you could imagine my delight when yesterday...a Saturday we were able to find seats hahahahaha.

The dining area is quite small just a few tables but what strikes me is the tuk tuk in front...if only I could fit hahahahahah

The counter is outside in the hall there is usually a line...again it must be our lucky day.

Got a lot of choices for usually come in 2 sizes, reg and large.

They have noodles again in 2 sizes and lots of desserts to choose from...since we were craving for something sweet we decided to skip the noodles.

Sticky Rice Mango $6.80
The mango was a bit unripe so it was sour when you eat it by itself but when you mix it with the sticky rice it does compliment...I know I know that is how it's supposed to be eaten but us being Filipinos and how we love mangoes how can we resist to eat it by itself hahahahah.

Waffle Original and Red Velvet with Mango Ice cream $9.80
This was a match made in heaven Mangoes Strawberries and waffles hahahah it was delish. The waffles was hot the generous scoop of  ice cream was the right flavor of sour and sweet really compliments the rest on the plate.

Lemon Grass Drink $3.50 and Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream $2.90
Ok ok you might ask why order another scoop of ice cream hahahaha well it was supposed to be Coconut ice cream but they were already sold out so I just asked them to replace it with Thai Milk Tea, how I wish they had told me when I was ordering and I should have just skipped getting another scoop. For $2.90 their portion is big but I really wish I had my coconut fix hahahahahah

There is not a lot of dessert place in J8 so having Tuk Tuk Cha there is a pleasant addition to the multiple restaurant.

Will I go back?? Definitely time I have my dinner at J8 I will leave space for dessert can't wait to bring my brother and hubby there.

Tuk Tuk Cha
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Suntec City Tower 3 #02-605A
Raffles City #B1-68
Tampines 1 #B1-K2

Jurong Point #02-K9/K10, 1 
Sun Plaza #01-15
Junction 8 #02-20A/21 




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