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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: How to add a Pinterest Pin to Blog Posts in Blogger

Before you say anything hahahaha this post will be links of blogs that I found helpful. I've been tweaking my blog for sometime now. The downside of it is I will lose some of the customization that I have done previouly... I know! I should have saved my template before I made the changes hahahah well too late right?

This Blogging 101 is not only to help other bloggers but also for me to archive the links that I have used so that when another day comes that I need it I won't be frantically googling it like how I have been doing for the past weeks hahahahhaa... I could be stressful ok...believe me.

My future self will be thanking me for this post  hahahahahha..

Code It Pretty

Now am so happy I was able to finally put a Pinterest Pin on the pictures on my blog, easier for both you and me to pin away hahahahaha.

How did I did it?

Code it pretty blog!!! The instructions where easy to follow even if it means I need to edit the HTML not as scared. They also have a lot of tutorials HERE, you would learn to customize your blog with confidence like I did :-)



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