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A little note

A little note

Batam Trip 2016 (Batam View Hotel)

I know it's not an excuse but this is one delayed post hahahaha. Me and Hubbyness went for a short get away in Batam on June, the 1st part of our trip is about the Batam one day city tour which you could read HERE. I've left off the post when we are about to go to our hotel, in this case its Batam View Beach Resort. I've wanted to post this adventure by using Bloggeriod like what I did on the 1 day Batam tour but upon reaching the resort I decided otherwise and enjoy the trip and I am afraid that Hubbyness with just take my phone and throw it in the sea hahahahah, if that happens I wont be able to take these awesome pictures using my OPPO F1 phone :-).

We had booked the hotel through Travel Plus Aviation PTE located in Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road, it was part of the 3D2N tour package which includes 1 day Batam tour with Indonesian buffet lunch and a 60 min massage, 2N accommodation at Batam View Resort with breakfast.

The drive from the city to Batam view was around 45 min, we had to share the van with another family which is going to another resort which was fine.

Upon reaching Batam View Resort we were greeted by the hotels facade which is kind of dated but clean.

The front desk is on your left once you enter, we were assisted by front desk Aidil. Checking in was a breeze. Aidil noticed that the room booked for us was a twin bed superior room he then suggested that we could be transferred to a king superior room but the catch was we had to wait for 45 minutes since they need to clean the room first, he was apologetic and sincere as if it was their fault for the over sight but actually I think it was us hahahahah we didn't even specify anything when we did the booking, so note to self for our next trip.

Well instead of grumbling we took the opportunity to roam the grounds.


Activites that the resort has to offer
Gift Shop
The gift shop offer tidbits, cold drinks and our main staple hahahaha ciggies :-), we were a frequent visitor during our stay.

Polo Shop
There are other amenities which I will tell you guys later, so during our waiting time we were served our welcome drinks in the bar, I think it was Iced tea kinda and to kill our time we decided to engaged ourselves in a game of billiards, in case you are wondering of course I lost! hahahahah

You could change your RP to coins at the bar, there were instances wherein the balls would be stuck, the staff are so helpful you just need to call them :-).

Finally we were able to go to our room :-)

I think it's a king sized bed...not only does it look is comfy!!!

They provide tea and coffee.

Toiletries!!! was not able to take a photo of the bathroom :-(

The must take selfie in the mirror...

The view from our room....haiz!! loved love waking up to this..a coffee on hand and ciggies hahahha

Now time to take a walk

They have a petting zoo near the pool, I think if you have kids during your stay they will enjoy this.

Stroll a bit more near the beach, you will see a bunch of villas...wonder how much will it cost to stay here..

Then for dock

The Montigo Beach Resort

Hubbyness was not able to do any fishing during our stay..but walking to the Jetty everyday and seeing the view makes it worth it :-)

Before you could reach the jetty you will have to pass one of the restaurant.

And here is the bummer!!! It's closed on Monday and Tuesday hahahahah. maybe they should consider putting that information in their website :-(

So for the 3D2N...we ate at the restaurant in the hotel.

Day 1 Dinner

Don't you just love it when you have the restaurant all to yourselves hahahahaha

Mee Goreng

Gado Gado

Laksa Kampong

Day 2

The restaurant was not crowded even if there was a group of people having a convention, maybe our timing was just right to come down to eat.


Fresh Green Salad

Ayam Bumbu

Spaghetti Bolognese

Nasi Goreng Batam View

Spaghetti Bolognese

Deep Fried Chicken wing
Here is their menu, enough variety to last you for 3 days hahahahah.

The staff in the restaurant are very helpful, Angi and Siti :-)

Now let's go to the pool!!!

Across the pool, here is where you could borrow your towels :-)

Sit around and have your coffee...

or just relax by the pool side...

Now time to stroll to the beach...

what else can you do here???

You could take a cab to town...

Get a massage by the pool

Or go for a 1 Day Batam City tour..

And at some billiards at the bar while having a beer or two...ok four since they are having a promotion hahahaha

Or take a lot of photos...

So how is our stay???

If you are looking for a quiet place to unwind, Batam View Hotel will be the place for you with enough activities to keep you occupied..or just relax..walk around the area..sit in the's just almost perfect.

Will I come back??
Definitely, not only for the amenities but for the service as well.

As all good things have to come to an end...

We were picked up from Batam View by a car sent by Best Batam Travel Agency, the ride was great and the driver friendly.

 Arrived at the Sekupang ferry terminal, checked in, this booking slip was given to us on our 1st day make sure you don't lose it.

After clearing the immigration, we went to the Majestic Lounge

They have free coffee, tea and tidbits for FREE!!!!

Comfy chairs to relax in while you wait :-)

If you feel like you want to eat something heavier...

Note to trip to Majestic Ferry!!!

Now off to Singapore...back to reality...till we see each other again Nongsa Batam!!! I will be back :-)

For bookings or reservations

Batam View Resort 

Travel Plus Aviation PTE 

Majestic Ferry

Note: All pictures was taken using my OPPO F1 phone. 



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