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A little note

A little note

Sew Into It : Tissue Holder

One thing that I love about school break is am able to catch on my blogging hahahahah, I have tons of things to write about and somehow I have to have this writing mode on before I could start a post and it usually happens on a weekend or during school break.

I had this opportunity to go for the Festival for Good event because of work and I happened to past by the booth of Just Sew Into It the ladies manning the booth are so nice and friendly, we got into talking about how sewing skills used to be something of the past that our grandmothers and mothers used to do and that the generation now used to think its just for the oldies hahahahhaha.

Well they have a few workshops that they will be conducting in the afternoon but I cant register for I had something planned after my shift on our booth... but but but!! they have this on the spot workshop. The fee was $10 and you will be able to make a tissue holder within 10 minutes no prior sewing skills needed.

I just gotta go and try...

With my ever trusty friend we took the challenge... oh BTW I do know how to sew and quite comfortable in using a sewing machine but my friend is a totally newbie in this...told myself this will be fun.

This is their sewing machine on site..not scary right? They will ask you to choose the fabrics that you want for your tissue holder.

See how excited she is...hahahahahah

Its a one to one session, Miss Lilia and Ms Lilin was patient with us, we could be playful at times and we just kept on laughing during the session.

After a few instructions off we go.... 

See how she looks? You could be deceived that she actually knows how to use a sewing machine.
The instructors are helpful they make you feel confident in using it.

And after a few minutes...yes almost 10 mins...

We are happy to show off our creation!!!!

I am so happy with what we did and also for the fact that these group of women had brought sewing back to the limelight...I feel that people are not back making things with their hands and its such a relief there are some trades that are going extinct and knowing that sewing is finally back makes me hopeful that the generation now will be able to experience what I had with my grandmother when she was teaching me hahahahahah...

Just Sew Into it conducts workshops on their shop both for adults and kids...check it out and register for I will definitely do soon.

Address:  333 Kreta Ayer Road #02-32 S(080333)
Take train to Outram Park MRT station and exit at Exit H (along Purple Line) and take a 5min walk to our shop! (Refer to map) *Take note that blk 333 has many wings, walk along Kreta Ayer road, towards general direction of the tall skyscrapers/CBD and walk up the ramp next to the "Evergreen" shop!

Contact: +65 87779924



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