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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101:How to Add Author Bio Box Widget to Blogger

Noticed something different at the end of each blog post??? Yes...its an author bio hahahahha I've always wanted it.. Iam not a techie person and does not understand the difference of HTML and CSS.

But as they say if I put my mind into it I will not stop even if it means I need to go and edit my HMTL in my blog...

Did some internet searching..some even had a HTML generator and I got lost somewhere following the instructions. But it found this site The Paper Sites.

 Her instructions were easy to follow and if you do get lost somewhere you could leave a question in the comment and she does answer back...

Tadah!!! I have my author bio on all of my post.

Do you want to have your own?? Click on the link HERE.



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