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A little note

A little note

Blogging 101: How to Add a Custom Signature to Blog Posts in Blogger

I've started this blog around 2012 and proud to say that the look has gone a long way hahahahah. I've always envied those pretty layout that other bloggers have so recently I've been doing some tweeking and I am quite happy on how it looks like right now and there will be some more changes that I would like to do...but lets do it one step at a time am still quite scared playing with my HTML and all those techie stuff.

I was able to add my author box, you could read the How to HERE. So this gave me the confidence to go and explore more hahahaha which lead me to thinking of putting a signature on all my post.

This is my current signature now, hahahaha I might change it.

There are lots of ways you could add your signature and I've tried so many and failed quite a few times too 

Well in my search I stumbled upon this blog A relaxed gal wherein she found 2 sites on how to add your signature and like her I found it easier to follow the 2nd blog. 

1. Create your signature image

First you’ll need to create your signature image using a photo editing program like canva, pic monkey, or the online Pixlr editor. Get creative. Maybe you just want text, or maybe text with an image… Or even a scan of your actual signature! I created mine on a transparent background in Adobe Illustrator easily blends in with my blog background colour. If you do the same, save it as a PNG. Otherwise a JPG will work.

2. Signature that's automatically applied to all posts

STEP 3: Upload your image to a web album like Picasa Web Album or Photobucket
STEP 4: After uploading the image capture the URL
STEP 5: Go to Template > Customize
STEP 6: Copy and paste this code in the CSS box

.entry-content:after {content: url(IMAGE URL);margin-left: 200px;}

STEP 7: Replace IMAGE URL with the URL for your signature image

Preview your blog and there you have it...your signature should appear at the bottom of your blog posts. :-)



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