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A little note

A little note

Free Printables: 5R (5X7) Celebrating Love Table numbers

I was supposed to go to Malaysia today with a group of colleagues for a 1 day Durian trip and guess what??? I was not able to wake up by the time that I did they are already on their way... and my BFF's are hating me right now hahahahhah hopefully they forget all about it by Monday :-)

So since I was already awake I did a bit of work related bored and decided to browse my files and saw this super cute "celebrating love" vector which gave me an idea, too lazy to make an invitation so what's the next best thing? Table numbers!!!!

Here you go... all you need to do is either print them out using your ever reliable printer. Just click the picture and it will bring you to the download page.

I've designed up to 30 tables

Here is a blank one, if you are using any photo editing tools.

Got more than 30 tables? Don't fret here is a PDF file for you.

Or you want them all?? Click HERE
There it goes, hope you like our printables for today. And if you do use it please send us a photo :-)

Or got any questions? Leave us comment or click the chat button on the top right side of our blog. 



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