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A little note

A little note

Fashion Makerspace: Fashion Sewing 101 (FS 101)

I've been planning to learn or re-learn how to use the sewing machine hahahah but I've always thought that the fees are kinda expensive since I am not sure how long this obsession with sewing will last.

I've found Fashion Makerspace when I was actually searching for classes and its not for sewing. Browse through this website and found this class Fashion Sewing 101 and its just SGD 15.00.

Its a 1.5 hours workshop wherein they will teach you the basics of a sewing machine and some basic stitching too and if you're in the morning or afternoon session there's a trip to the textile market.

Let's start my adventure in sewing...

They are located at 10A Trengganu St S(058464) if you follow their map on their website you wouldn't be lost. The place is easy to find, it's just right beside the seafood restaurant.

Walk up to the 2nd floor and you found it.

I was not able to take any inside when I came in, my shy side came out hahahahah.

Anyways I went to my station, there are several but since I am a leftie I did try to find the corner space and lucky for me its right beside the instructor.

This is what was waiting for me on my station.

The lesson is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: How to operate domestic machines and use the tools necessary for sewing.

The instructor Ms Hailey will go through a bit of theory which I found very interesting she explained each part of the sewing machine and what it is for, this is the part wherein its better if you take down notes, along the way she will also give you tips, if you are like me who tends to forget this, it will come in handy. 

The best tip I got was about the bobbin, the metal is way better than the plastic and it all boils down to practicality of usage.

Part 2: Hands-on stitching practice and sewing tips

In part one Ms Hailey did explain the different parts of the sewing machine and now the hands on part.

She will demonstrate in details how to thread the sewing machine she made it look so easy and it was kinda easy except for one instance that I had with the plastic bobbin hahahahha see she was right metal is better.

Again she will be giving tips on how to do things and it was really good and you could apply it right away.

After threading the sewing machine, it's time practice some stitching.

It was fun hahhaha I was laughing at myself. Ms Hailey did say that patience is needed when doing the curve stitching and I think I left my patience at home :-).

Ms Hailey and her assistant Mary will be going around the table to assist in case you need help.

Part 3: Visit and explore Chinatown textile market

I've never been a Chinatown going person except when I have guests from overseas hahahaha so going for this trip was a treat. Ms Hailey will show you the shops were they themselves buy their sewing materials.

I won't be going into details about what happened and what I learned, you should go and experience it for yourself. The fee is totally worth it, you will be able to learn so much.

And if you do decide to go for this class please come earlier they really start on time.

You might ask so what's next? well I am going for their Fashion Sewing 102 of course.

Till then...

10A Trengganu St
Singapore 058464

11:00 AM to 09:30PM (Mon to Fri)
11:00 AM to 05:00PM (Sat to Sun)




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