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A little note

A little note

20 Inspiration Quotes from The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook you guys would know that I've been posting some motivational or inspirational quotes.

It all started with coffee related posts since I love coffee so much that I can't literally function without my morning dose, then it hit me... with all the negativity around us why not put a little positive vibes in the morning into the internet hahahah I know I know there are already a thousand and one positive quotes daily from other websites that bombard your Instagram or Facebook feed, not another one you might say...well my answer will wouldn't hurt you right hahahahha and it's way better than reading some negative article or someone ranting about almost anything under the sun.

And believe it or not it does help me go through the day, reading those quotes that I post will be my mantra... it's not easy practicing what you preach but what is most important is that you give it a try... haiz!! there are some trying times.. I will be so worked up over some issues and I am seconds away in posting some rant on my Facebook and then toink!!! I will see my morning post and it will bring me back to reality.

Well if you might to I do it?? hahahahah I am doing it during my morning commute with the help of Pinterest and my ever trusty app Instamag is available for both Android and IOS.

I've started posting these quotes in March on a daily basis and here are my 20 favorites to share with you guys...

I hope you liked it...and if you do please follow my Facebook page or Instagram account for more daily motivational quotes.

If you have any favorite quotes please share it at the comment section and maybe just maybe I will be able to use it for my daily post.



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