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A little note

A little note

Remembering Daddy 2016

I hope I make you proud dad, even though you're no longer here,
Your memory grows stronger, with every passing year, reading your notes gives me strength to go through it knowing that you are up there looking down on us

I wish I could've said goodbye, that morning when you left,
Told you you were our hero, and that you were the best,
Tears I cry in secret, at night before I sleep.

The years don't make it easier, they said the pain would go,
It seems I've just got better, not letting my feelings show,
You're no longer here dad, but I hope I make you proud.

Your superwoman, 


Daddy It has been 8 years since you've passed away & 13 years since the boys & I last saw & hugged you.
Mine & Ate Maria Victoria Dela Cruz
birthdays are bittersweet for it reminds us of your last great sacrifice as a parent, you made sure to schedule your high-risked slip disc surgery after our natal days, maybe then you knew that the outcome wouldn't be in our favor.
It does get easier but the pain never ceases, we take refuge in knowing that you & mommy have been reunited in the heaven for 6 years now.
We miss you dearly & thank you for always watching over us.




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