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A little note

A little note

Supplier Review: Rvee Santiago Photography

Ok what could I say about Rvee that I haven't mentioned in my 2 previous post about him????
You could read it HERE and HERE.

Rvee has been consistent all throughout professional, sincere, humble and super patient. And I always got this feeling that he does know me that is why during our big day he bought a lot of extra patience with him hahahahhaha

I know candid shots are cute but having a bride laughing and not being serious most of the time could be a problem, without any sleep and being nervous makes me more bouncy than usual.

 But Rvee was really patient with me, I think he got an easier task when he was taking pictures of hubyness

Ok I will admit it, hubbyness is better in taking instructions while I would be giggling away hahahah. Sorry Rvee :-)

During the morning preps I was wondering what the guys are doing since my side is chaos hahahahah
from the look of the pictures they were having an easy life :-)


And another thing that am grateful for having Rvee is he was able to take pictures of those things that he know I will be able to use for my blog to do my supplier reviews.. from the smallest detail in the reception, food and all, so for this Rvee thank you..

What they say is true... not being able to remember most of the things that happened during your big day, from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep. And having a good reliable photographer is important for you could only rely on the pictures of that day to know how things went, and Rvee was able to capture those moments.

Rvee is very flexible, during our big day we were a bit behind schedule when our coordinator informed us that we are only given 30 mins for picture taking before the reception he went with it, he knows that we will not like to make our guest wait.. even with a time crunch he was  able to take great pictures.

To prove how patient Rvee is... he even allowed us to take a yosi break, took a picture which turned out to be my favorite!!!! The picture really captured the real me and hubbyness!!! I think the only thing missing is my vodka tonic and hubbyness san mig beer hahahahahah

 Rvee was also on task... a week after the wedding he gave us the raw pics so we could choose pics for our album... hahahaah and it's not an easy task, being me and trusting Rvee  I just told him please help me do the tedious task and choose the pics.

In less than 2 months he was able to give hubbyness our coffee table album. Love the album the pictures looked it was chosen by me heheheheh.

During the reception Rvee showed an AVP of our prenup pics :-)

Thank you sir Nino for being part of my special day, you were truly a Fairy God Mother to me, you made my dream gown come true and gave me so much more. Love you to infinity and beyond!!!
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Thank you Rvee for everything, I know am not an easy bride.. I could be crazy at times or most of the time hahahaha. Through your wonderful pictures we are able to keep the memory of our special day.

Rvee Santiago Photography
Name: Rvee Santiago
Contact #: (63)917 385 9242
Facebook: Rvee Santiago Photography
                  Rvee Santiago - See more at:

Rvee Santiago Photography
Contact Number: 09173859242
Facebook: Rvee Santiago
                  Rvee Santiago Photography

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