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A little note

A little note

Supplier Review: Nino Angeles Couture

I am going to start this post with saying it's possible to fall in love with a gown hahahahaha. I love love love the gown if given a choice. I would wear it again in any occasion.

I meet Nino through Xyrene, if you guys have not been following my journey of finding my dream wedding gown, you could read it HERE.

I would not recommend to any bride to make her gown within 3 months and doing the final fitting 5 days before the wedding day its stressful, there would always be this question lingering in your head what if.... it's crazy. My wedding gown journey could have been a disaster but then I had Nino, he's like my Fairy God Mother.

I did my final fitting 5 days before our day. When I tried on my gown I was speechless!!! It fit like a glove it was flowy, dreamy and comfy!!!!. Nino said that it was not fully done for he needs to put some more blings and on the spot he decided that he would add a black sash for my 2nd look. All throughout the fitting he kept on asking me how I feel, if am comfy, do I like it, do I want something to be changed. How often could you hear this from a designer? He puts his clients need first for he does not mind you changing his design. Of course I said NONE!! I love the gown!!!

Nino delivered the gown a day before the wedding he had it set up together with the mannequin and I got a surprise gift!!! 

 He is so thoughtful.

Ok so what made him my Fairy God Mother other than making my lovely dreamy gown?? Lets back up a few days of the wedding.

This is my sister Chiquitita who did a Julia Roberts, My best friend wedding stint hahahaha. She needs to be different from the rest of the entourage, I bought her a long gown with a different shade of red but she got this idea of since our color motiff is Black and Red that she would wear black instead hhahahah. I was in panic mode because I cant let her wear all black she needed to have a red thing on her. I've SMS Nino asking if he could make a sash for my sister in burgundy and he just answered "Don't worry dear, I would be able to do it" haayy!! Saved!

This picture is showing our secondary sponsor pinning the veil.. well this would not be possible if not for Nino hahahahah I totally forgot about it and just remembered a few hours before the wedding. And again when Xyrene called Nino at 7am he's answer was "Tell her not to worry, If I don't have it in the shop, I will buy one for her" and he did!!! He came at 10 am with our secondary veil!!!

So what else did my Fairy God Mother did??? From the time he came he was always there with me, making me laugh, making sure that I ate (which I thought I would not forget) kept reminding my bridesmaid to make sure that they have chocolates in their bags. He just never left my side.

He was here whenever I needed something, even when I had a crying moment he was there to calm me down and make me laugh. He was there making sure that am OK!!!

He was with me in the van on the way to Church, and was there to touch me up before walking down the aisle.

He was there when I was nervously waiting to walk down the aisle, again making me calm.

Nino only left me when I was about to walk. Looking back I realized I would not be as calm without him. When he said that his service includes assistance during the day I did not expect that this is what he meant, even when my coordinator was not around he was there to make sure that am ok... and did I tell you that I was smoking in my gown before walking down the aisle... he even sprayed perfume on me hahahahaha.  I loved him, this might be a stretch by saying this, not having a mother on my day, Nino step on the shoes, I imagined my mother doing those things.. I am so lucky to have him not only as a supplier but as a friend, a BFF I love love him for all the things he have done.

Everyone was gushing about my gown, how pretty it was and how pretty I am in it. I felt like a princess and it was so comfy, I never imagine that I would have curves!!! mind you am a chubby big girl hahahahahah.

My family and friends kept saying that this is how they imagined me wearing a gown that fits my personality, its me in a gown.

The details on the gown would make you gush and speechless who would have known that it only took him less than 3 months to make it.

and the back details is to die for!!!!! since most of the time the guest in Church would be seeing your back Nino gave them a good view.

For my 2nd look, Nino converted the gown into a tube and let me wore a black sash.

And when I say comfy I really meant it. I was able to move freely not being scared that there would be a wardrobe malfunction hahahahaha coz I have this tendency to bounce.

and laugh away

So what else could I say??? I am going to sound like a broken record but I just need to say it again.

Thank you sir Nino for being part of my special day, you were truly a Fairy God Mother to me, you made my dream gown come true and gave me so much more. Love you to infinity and beyond!!!


Niño Angeles Couture
Niño Angeles Couture
Niño Angeles Couture



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