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A little note

A little note

Supplier Review: Make-up by XY (HMUA)

So how do I start with a review with Xyrene?? hmmmm you could see my post about this wonderful lady here and my experience with her during our e-shot here. Is there anything else that this lady could do that could make me love her more?? Well!! there was, she saved me!!!! as in literally, read on.
We might be laughing away in this pic but this was after the so called storm, hahahahha. The night before the wedding to be exact a few hours before the wedding when I was frantically organizing the things for the Church I realized that I don't have a secondary veil, so my MOH Chiqui decided to SMS one of our friends to drop by Megamall on her way to the Church (Plan A). When Xyrene learned about this at 7am she calmly told me she would call Nino and ask if he has a spare veil that we could use, Nino told her that I should not worry if he does not have one in hand he would be the one to purchase it and that he would ensure that I would have a secondary veil.

I having very super fine hair my sisteret Chiquitita bought an extension that she forgot to bring and guess what!!! Xyrene bought one too and I did not even knew about it.

I did mention that I was still awake in the morning of our wedding day, I was awake until 5 am hahahah and my suppliers call time was 7am. So guess what Xyrene saw when I opened the door, you guessed it right a puffy eyed, zombie like bride :-).

Well it didn't frazzled her, she told me to take a shower, have my coffee and then she started to do her magic.

And the result was...

A glowing natural me!!!!! Who would have thought that I only had 2 hours of sleep!!! I loved loved my make up on my day, It was light and natural, when I saw myself in the mirror I almost cried hahahaha stopped myself for I don't want to ruin it. I did have some experience having my make-up done professionally and the result would be I won't recognize myself, but for Xyrene she would enhance your features and you would still be you!!!

Ok, you might say that of course she would do a good job with the Bride well, she did some of my entourage as well.

My Maid of Matron Sister Energizer Bunny Chiquitita who by the way had also 2 hours of sleep.


My jowaness opps! hubbyness who I think the only person that got enough sleep hahahahaha.

Xyrene brought along with her team who also like her did an awesome job.

Adrian who did all our hair

How could you give a rating to someone that saved your day in so many ways, Xyrene went over and beyond anyone's expectation not only is she talented but she has the biggest heart.

Some might raise their eyebrows and say of course she has to do a good job she a supplier for heaven sake.. but for me she could have chosen to just do her job and thats all but going the extra mile was unexpected.
She treated me not as a client but as her BFF who is getting married.

I can't thank her enough, as I've said in my previous post.. I found a friend in her I truly did.

And to you my BFF Thank you for making our day super special.

So just for fun I would give her a rating!!!!

All pictures used are from : Rvee Santiago Photography



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