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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Wedding Entourage Silhouette Invitation (Z-Fold)

Finally I am in Manila!!! A few days before our big day hahahahha. Anyways that would be another post.
As you may have known I've been doing Wedding Invitation Layouts for quite sometime now and it would just be constrained to 5 X 7 invites.. don't get me wrong I love love doing it. Then Ms. Elena came along and challenged my new found skills, she asked if I could do a Z-fold invitation for her, which I did

I was so happy when she liked the layout and a few days after she again asked if I could design another invitation for her, a wedding entourage silhouette ... I've wanted those invites when I was doing my own but those days I haven't found my new skills so I settled for a pocketfold invitation instead.

So as Barney Stinson would say " Challenge Accepted"

I just can't explain how it feels when you see your work being appreciated by someone, and Ms Elena was so sweet as  to send me pics of the invitations when she had a trial print

She has decided to use a glossy paper which gave her a vibrant color output.

You guys could download the .pdf file of the z-fold invitation here.



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