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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning: Crew/Supplier Meals

For a person who loves loves to eat I think it comes out naturally that I also love to feed people just ask my flatmates they gained weight since they stayed with me. :-)

So finding the right food to feed my awesome crew, the unsung heroes on our big day is such a challenge. Looking for an affordable and yet yummy food for whether you like it or not it could cost you a bomb.

I could serve them Jollibee but then I don't want to serve something that they have eaten in wedding preps for the nth time.

So I better get my googling skills to work and find out an alternative.

So here is what I've come out with. (Click on the name to be directed to their website of FB page)

1. Almost Gourmet

2. The Lunch Box Delivery

190 for 2 viands/2cups rice and a bottled water.

6. Amber

7. Savory

8.  Adobo Connection

9. Binalot

10. Andoks

Want to share your crew meal supplier? Please leave us a message at the comment section below.

Opps! Before I forget I want to share this link from Mr Jason Magbanua " The Ulitmate Guide to Crew Meals"



  1. Try calling YAZ Crew Meals at 09061887258 for really great tasting and reasonably-priced homecooking. P130/meal 1 viand, 1 side dish, rice (big serving), dessert, water. P175/meal - 1 meat viand, 1 veggie dish, rice (big serving), dessert, water. Within San Juan, Pasig and Cainta, free delivery. For outside those areas: P50 delivery charge. Thanks!:)

    1. Thanks for the info. Does YAZ Crew Meal have any FB or website so we could see their menu.

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  3. Check us out - Butchik Specialty Meals :)

  4. Hi, you may want to check affordable set of meals without compromising the taste.

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