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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Wedding Gown (Niño Angeles Couture)

I always told my friends that I work well under pressure.. in short I love love to cram, maybe it's the adrenaline rush or the sense of accomplishment I get when I did a great awesome job hahahhaa.

So it was not a surprise to most when they found out, with 4 months to our big day that I still don't have a wedding gown, been joking that they need not worry for I have tons of dresses in my cabinet :-)

A friend of mine found this out and she recommended Mr. Niño Angeles a designer from Makati. Well, it's another opportunity for me to put my Google skills to work and I was surprised with what I found...

Niño’s accomplishments include being the grand prize winner of Cinderella (Designer Competition 2008), and now have his own RTW line in the same clothing store.

1st placer in Manila Fame Green Fashion Design Competition (April 2010); 2nd placer in the Triumph Inspiration Award (May 2011) and Look Special Citation Award in the Look of Style Awards (October 2011). He is also a graduate of SOFA (School of Fashion and the Arts).

My reaction was Wow!! So I gathered my guts and sent him a message Facebook with my wedding gowns peg and some ideas how I wanted my gown to be like,  in a matter of a few hours he responded with a design and it was... beautiful.. simple.. and it was ME written all over it. He would be using illusion tulle on the skirt and duchess satin on the top detailed with Spanish lace and crystals. 

Of course I would not post his design here hahahahah it should be a surprise :-)

What struck me with Mr. Niño is his down to earth attitude, I have not even confirmed my purchase he answers my querries as if am already a client, being a person with so much accomplishments I was surprised how humble and funny he is, he made me feel at ease.

This is one person who made me comfortable being a Chabelita, explaining to him that I am in this losing journey of trying to lose weight he just answered me "Don't worry,Thats my forte mga chubby girl like me" My reaction to his comment? " Sir!!! Love na kita!!!!!"

Like any other Brides I do have some concern especially that I would not even have a 1st fitting for I would only be back to Manila a week before the wedding, he reassured me that if any alterations would be needed that he would be able to do it in a few days. 

He was supposed to be on vacation on my big day, when I found out that he plans to cancel his vacation I told him not to for my every trusty sister and bridesmaid would be able to help me again he made me feel special when he told me "Ok lang dear. Gusto ko hands on ako sa brides ko"

 whew!! Panic mode off :-)

See, cramming does have its plus sides!! I am truly blessed to have found not only excellent suppliers but new friends.

I am so excited to meet him would be going to his shop during my March visit in Manila.

Since I can't post his design for me, let me share some of his works from his Facebook page

So if any of you ladies is still in the hunt for your perfect dress. Give Mr. Niño a call or send him a message, you would not only find your perfect dress but a person who would make sure that you look perfect on your big day! :-)

Niño Angeles Couture
Contact #: (63)9088618245
Address: 9160 Catmon St. San Antonio Village Makati City
Facebook: Niño Dominic Angeles
                   Niño Angeles Couture

Website:    Nino Angeles

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  1. hi, may i know how.much his rates are?

    1. Hi his starting rate is 40K. He would design something for you, and with assistance on your big day :-)

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