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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Diocese Requirement (Freedom to Marry)

Yahoo! this is one productive weekend for me :-)

Anyways, lets get back to this post. One of the requirements to get your clearance from the Diocese is a Freedom to Marry Certificate from your parish church. I've been going to Novena Church for mass, unfortunately they don't issue the certificate for they are not a Parish Church.

So what's next? well you should try calling the Churches near your home or work place, you could get the list at

If you are near St. Michael Church, you could contact Rev Fr. Angel Luciano he would be able to issue you a Certificate.

Father Angel Luciano, CICM, a chaplain for Filipino migrants,Fr. Angel’s parish is Church of St.Michael,
17 Saint Michael’s Rd, Singapore 327976.Tel: 6392 0592 Fax: 6294 8030.

Give Fr. Angel a call so you could set up an appointment with him. I went to see him today, as like other Filipino Priest he is welcoming and warm we even had a quick chit chat about what our plans after the wedding since Jowaness is based in Manila, he gave me some advice, wished me luck and handed me my Freedom to Marry Certificate.

Yipee!!Done with all the requirement needed from Singapore :-)

Another requirement needed is the search of marriage certificate, you could find it here




  1. Nice article about the wedding certificate.nowadays many wedding planner mobile appsare provides these services additionally.

  2. Hi Victoria thanks for this information. this is very helpful indeed
    would you know how to secure a 'search of marriage' certificate?

  3. Are you based in SG? I've written about it click on the link or copy and paste

  4. thank you so much!

  5. Hi, Victoria! Thanks so much for the very helpful information. May I know what did you have to bring to get the certificate? Is there a need to bring a proof of billing address?

  6. Hi, if your IC has your address on it you don't need to bring a proof of billing address :-)

  7. Hi, Will Fr. Angel normally gives the certificate months in advance? or should be at least 3 months before wedding?

    1. Hi, you could give him a call dearie I think it shouldn't be an issue since we need to submit it to the Diocese 3 months before. Fr. Angel Tel: 6392 0592


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