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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Diocese Requirement (Search of Marriage Record)

How time flies! We are only left with 120 days before our day.. and so typical of me to cram hahahahah so this week aside from being busy from work I have to scramble to complete the documents needed from Singapore to be submitted to the Diocese of Cubao for me to get my clearance. Haiz!! I've posted about it here.

So, how does one search for Marriage Records. Easy! Go to the Registry of Marriage Website, its recommended that you use Internet Explorer.

Go to the Services tab and choose search for marriage records

You would be sent to the next window, choose the Search for Marriage Records option since we would be requiring a certified true copy. There is a SGD 35 fee and it would be posted to your address.

 Next, read the instructions and click agree.

Next,fill in your details. I choose search by NRIC No. and click submit.

It would send you to the payment page fill in the details needed and then you would be sent to this window

Your done! Just check your mailbox within 2-3 days.



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