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A little note

A little note

Wedpics & The Adventures of Miss Chuchubells Photo & Video Sharing App
 I am so excited!!! We have partnered with Wedpics to give you awesome ladies an awesome photo sharing app that you could use on your day.
Joining is easy just click HERE to register and set up your wedding info. And did I mentioned
that this is FREE!!!

 So what do yo get from this awesome app?

1. Invite your guests via gmail, yahoo or Facebook.
2. Create separate albums within your WedPics album to organize your wedding photos. Many couples use WedPics in the planning stages of their wedding because of its privacy and easy sharing amongst their close wedding planning confidants. 

3. Worried that your guests would not know how to go about this app? the answer.. 
     FREE! Printable Downloads.

Insert these in your invites or thank you cards.
App Cards
App Card Sheet
In the Reception Venue you could use this
Invite Poster
4. Add a custom WedPics page to your personal wedding website so family and friends know how to share all of their wedding photos with you. 

Want to know more? Visit our site



  1. Looks a great UI design and a wonderful wedding app to save your memorable pics of your wedding.


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