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A little note

A little note

DIY Project: Free Table Number Printables

Whew! few more days and we would be saying Adios to 2013 and Ola to 2014, it also means that were on our 6th month mark before our sakal day. Now am left with the small details which includes my wedding gown hahahahhah.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this website The Time Warp Wife which by the way has very inspiring articles about marriage (I would share more about it in another post). She also has this section about positive marriage qoutes. I was reading through it and it gave me an idea, instead of a typical table number why not put a nice quote that me and jowaness could relate to.

Since the year is ending, I am giving you these Table 1 - 20 chalkboard table number printables. I was able to create 5 styles, pick and choose.  Just click on the image to download. Enjoy!





These are 5 X 7 size, you could choose to print it at home or in your trusty photo printer shop put insert it in a photo frame and there you go.

If you do decide to use it, hope you could send me a photo :-)

Well, if you want all if those pretty Table Numbers you could get it HERE.

Opps!!! Happy New Year peeps!!!



  1. darn I need it for 26 tables... :( cute designs though

    1. Hi which one do you like? I could make one for you up to table 26 :-)


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