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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: The Flower Expert: Angel D. Lopez Sr. (Flowers)

 When I started planning our big day, I was set into making my own bouquet my rationale was I don't see the reason why I must waste such beautiful fresh flowers which we would only be using for a few hours don't get me wrong I love flowers. So I did different DIY Projects which you could find all here.

Then my sisteret Chiqui wanted to have fresh flowers although she claimed that she loved my DIY. She did give me a solution to my worry of wasting the flowers, she suggested that we could offer our bouquet to Mama Mary, we would leave our bouquets in the Church. What a great idea!

So to my Googling skills to the work, I did find a few Florist and emailed them my peg

The Flower Expert was a Jowaness find, he is starting to get the hang of scouting for affordable suppliers yeheey!!! Although he still has tons of things to tick of his assignments am glad that this is finally settled.

He was able to get a good deal, Sir Angel is a nice guy he would work around your budget and give you more than you bargain for, am excited :-) 

Sir Angel's usual clients are hotels and convention functions you should check out his Facebook page to see his works they are all lovely, that is why we are quite surprised and delighted when he agreed to do our bouquets.

1 bride - special bouquet(pure red roses) 
1 MOH - Arm bouquet 
3 brides maid - Arm bouquet 
3 jr brides maid - Wrist corsage 
3 SS - Wrist corsage
4 flower girls -  Basket and head dress 
1 mother of the groom - Chest corsage
5 PS - Chest corsage 

Male - boutonniere
1 groom
1 BM
3 GM
3 jr gm
5 PS
1 Brother of the Bride

Flowers to be used: Carnation, Gerbera,Red roses

The Flower Expert by Angel D. Lopez Sr.
2377 Int. 5B Pasig Line St. Sta. Ana, 1009 Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 02 5621630
0915-6703434 - globe
0928-6870563 – smart

Facebook: The Flower Expert by Angel D. Lopez Sr.



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