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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: How to find your ring size the easy peasy way!

Well I admit am such a shy person, hahahah I know for some this would come as a surprise but really scouts honor am your typical shy girl.
 So when I gave Jowaness an assignment to find a wedding ring supplier he asked me this question..
"What's your ring size?" in which I replied "Errrr! I don't know." hahahahhah he then explained to me that the jewelers in Manila would require this information in order for them to quote a price.

 He then suggested that I go to any jewelry shop here in Singapore and asked if they could help me find my ring size, I was shocked!! I said NO!! hahahahah ok ok people in Singapore are generally nice and helpful but just the thought of me asking. I just have to find a way.

And Bouyah!! Google came to the rescue

There are tons of online stores that could help you find your ring size all you need is a printer :-)
The following are may favorites.
 Aside from offering affordable rings, you could download their printing ring size finder. They have three methods which are String, Paper and Surprise. How could you go wrong.

Download the file here
You have to print out the page on a A4 paper and place one of your rings against the circle. When the circle and the internal diameter match, you have found your correct ring size. They also have a conversion chart.
Download the file here
This is a Manila based jeweler, I was quite impressed that offer this service online. Just like Blue Steel they have three ways wherein you could find your ring size.
Download the file here

Well you're the eco type of person? Don't fret there are ways you could find your ring size without printing.
 The interface is easy and fun to use but if you don't want to accidentally to scratch your lappy screen then better have this one a pass.

Last but not the least, do it manually

(from Wiki How)
What you need:

A string or strip of paper

See, it wasn't that hard right? Oh, do measure 2-3 times just to ensure that you have the right size.



  1. Thank you for writing such an instructive article. My baby sister is getting married in next month this will definetly help her!


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