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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Muzik Qlass (Band)

I am just so happy!!! I made a post about our prospective wedding band, I did mention that there is this one particular band that I love love but they were out of our budget.

That band is Muzik Qlass, well even though I know they are kinda out of our budget I was insisting to Jowaness that I need to have them, I was consistently watching their videos in their Youtube page and I got more excited when I found out that they sang my favorite songs!!!

Can_t Help Falling In Love by Thinne - MuzikQlass

My sister Chiqui loves this song, I remember when we were younger she would sing this song.

The Way You Look Tonight Michael Buble by Jason - MuzikQlass

This song is from my all time favorite movie, My best friends wedding and its also going to be our first dance song, although we would use the Maroon 5 version, I know Jason would be able to deliver it to a T! :-)

Jason and Christine is one of the nicest people I meet in the internet world, they are prompt in answering my inquiries. Trust me I do have this tendency to ask a lot of questions (try asking any of our suppliers hahahha)

I think the deciding factor is when I asked Jason about my bridal walk song, he gave me this answer which showed my that he puts his clients interest first "as i always said bridal walk is the most important part of any wedding so whatever the bride wants her bridal walk to be. Its our pleasure to do so... :)" thats it I was sold.

The second thing was when I found out that  they are participating in one of the bridal fairs, Jason was kind enough to tell me what promotion they are having, when I found out about it I told myself that I have to ask Jowaness to go to the bridal fair, they are still out of our budget but just a bit hahahahhaha. but what the heck if you really want something sometimes you have to sacrifice... hmmm? lesser cupcakes or alcohol in the reception hahahahah.

So he did :-), he watched them play and he even called me to listen to them sing and they do sound good I listen to Jason sing More Today than Yesterday which is another song that I love (OMG!! am I giving away how old I am?)

After listening to them, I told Jowaness that, I want them, so now its up to him, he has to see if they are really nice, well, Jowaness confirmed that Christine and Jason are easy to deal with.

 So what's next after booking them? Going thru their repertoire of songs and choose the songs that would be played during the ceremony and reception. I and sister Chiqui would enjoy this! :-)

Muzik Qlass Arts and Entertainment
Jason Cayubit / Christine Vicente
Email :
Website: MuzikQlass
Youtube: Muzik Qlass 
Facebook: Musik Qlass 



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