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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Hype Shots (Photo Booth)

 By now you guys should know that I love having my picture taken heheheheh who doesn't? Anyways I would love our guests to enjoy it too, so having a photo booth is one of my Must! haves in our reception :-)
Sisteret Nica is another Girl Talk find.. or should I re-phrase she found me :-), Nica sent me a message asking if I am in need of a photo booth supplier, she sent me her packages rates and the rest was sisteret bonding hahahahhah. She is also in the midst of planning her big day, so aside from talking about her packages we also talked about our wedding preps.

They have affordable rates and the inclusions are great.

Why did I book them? Aside from their affordable rates? It's sisteret Nica. She never made me feel that am talking to a supplier, our emails and FB chat are fun, relaxed and she answers to your question promptly ( which i know is a big deal for other brides :-) )

I know our "sakal" is still next year and yet she is willing to work with me this early for our template, I just sent her my clip arts that I used in our pocket fold, boarding pass invitation and also for our save the date magnets which I got from Printable Invitation Kits. After a few days I received this

It was what I wanted with a few revisions, I asked her to change it thrice! (Yikes! is this the first sign of being a bridezilla??) and sisteret Nica patiently changed it according to my request, she's just sweet!!! I won't post the final template just want it to be a surprise heheheheh. Now I can't wait to work on the backdrop :-)

HYPE Shots! PhotoBooth
Nica Supleo
09175132766 / 09178075564 / 9976062
FB: Hype Shots Photobooth



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