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A little note

A little note

Happy Tummy: New York New York

We were supposed to have our dinner with our ex-colleague Raymond at J8 last Wednesday but he cancelled for he was needed at work, so we decided to go on with the dinner without him since the three of us is hungry. I think we all skipped lunch :-) so we went to New York, New York at Leisure Park (Stadium MRT)

The last time we had dinner together was almost a year ago, so its kinda our girls night out :-)

So what did we have

For starters

Clam chowder bread bowl
I ordered the Clam Chowder without the bread bowl, the soup was tasty although it was not as creamy as I wanted it to be, its in the watery side.

Chuchubells Tummy Says:
Then we decided to share some appetizers (Yes! we were hungry!)

We loved their Nachos, the melted cheese is just perfect! although I wished that there was more Guacamole and salsa

Tummy Says:

French Fries in Truffle Oil
From the look of Serena, she loves this the fries was cooked perfectly crunchy in the outside moist in the inside and it was perfectly seasoned.

Serena's Tummy Says:

Buffalo Wings
I ordered this, I was expecting to be served with sour cream (this was my fault for assuming and not properly reading the menu) The chicken was not as crispy as it should be and somehow I miss the celery sticks that usually accompanies a buffalo wings.

Chuchubells Tummy says:

And each of us ordered our main dish

Alfredo Pasta with Ribs
I think it was just not my day, I am a pasta person and I love pasta. Their pasta was cooked al dente which I loved but then here comes the sauce, it should be creamy and cover the pasta nicely and unfortunately mine was not :-( what a waste of good pasta. The ribs that came with it was tender and tasty loved the BBQ sauce.

Chuchubells Tummy says:

Chicken in Mozzarella Cheese
Serena was in heaven when she tasted this, the chicken is tender, seasoned well and of course, the mozzarella cheese was divine.

Serena's Tummy says:

BBQ Ribs
Della ordered the half slab ribs, just like the one in my pasta the ribs are tender and moist covered in perfect BBQ sauce.

Della's Tummy Says:

Eating good food is great but eating it with good company is better :-) Can't wait for our next dinner!

Kallang Leisure Park
No. 5 Stadium Walk
Leisure Park Kallang
Singapore 397693
Tel: 6348 7127
Operating Hours:11.30am - 10.30pm



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