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A little note

A little note

Wedding Supplier: Shaw Residenza (Accomodation)

The perks of waking up 4am is I could catch up with things that I wanted to do hahahahah like posting in my blog, so let's get started. We the Galang siblings has been living overseas for at least 5 years, am in Singapore for 13 years Chiqui in Los Angeles for 11 years and Kuya Paulo for 5 years. In 2011 we are officially homeless :-(

So when we do visit Manila we would  be staying in a hotels which is fine we love the buffet breakfast that comes together with the room. We are not your normal size so staying in a hotel room is sweet maybe for a few days but if we intend to stay a bit longer then we would need a bigger space, don't get me wrong we do love each others company but then to save Kuya Paulo"s insanity I have to find a bigger place for us to stay.

I found this cool site wherein you could find a place to stay and it's half the price of a hotel room


I love this site, it's user friendly you could filter out according to your preference or needs.

Anyways, I was able to find a few places and was in correspondence with them but Mr. Philip was the nicest one of all he was so easy to talk with, patient. I had so many request and questions and I even changed the dates like 3 times.

This is his ad in Airbnb  NEW SPACIOUS 2 BEDROOM LOFT MANILA and my review here 

Ms. Ann is Mr Philip's assistant and like him, she's so helpful I know our big day is still months to go but she helped me in planning our accommodation and am so excited. 

Here are some pictures taken by mwah... unless stated.

Wake up to this view everyday.

 Spacious kitchen, excuse the plastic chairs we had a mini gathering and they graciously lend us 20 chairs, told you they are nice :-)

 Oh, did I mention that its a loft? the 2 bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and you are left with all those space in the 1st floor for gatherings and any family member who wants to get some Zzzzz won't be disturb from their beauty naps :-)

 The living room

The Lobby, had my supplier meetings here

Accessibility? It's in Shaw Blvd easy to get a cab and the guards are helpful they even take down the taxi's plate number for security. Nearby as in walking distance is a heaven of restuarants, fastfood, bakeries and a grocery store another plus for us I don't need to remind you guys that we do love to eat and you don't want to see us in our hungry mood hahahahah.

The following was taken from their site. I did take some pics of their amenities and rooms but then I don't think you guys would like to see our messy room or me in a swimwear hahahahaha.

This is one of the reason why I loved about Mr Philip Airbnb site whatever pictures that you see is actually what you get or maybe something more. I was really pleasantly surprised.

Living Room
Mater Bedroom with bathroom
2nd Bedroom
Bathroom with hot shower
With their affordable rates, how could you not enjoy you're stay. And do have the nicest staff all of them are helpful and you would really feel at home with them.

Shaw Residenza
Contact Person: Ms Ann
Email address:
Mobile    :  +63 917 650 0615  (Globe) - also on Viber app
                +63 922 811 4770  (Sun)
                +63 939 925 4980  (Smart)
Landline :   (02) 966 1508 
Twitter   :   @shawresmanila
Skype    :   shawresidenza88



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