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A little note

A little note

Wedding Planning Adventure: Wedding Band

This is the last day of my 1 week break, so am trying to write as much I could, well obviously this week is a post of all about music.

Jowaness and I would love Adam Sandler to be our wedding singer and dump our chosen first dance song to Grow Old with You, but then reality check... in my dreams.
Back to reality then, I just love the songs of the 70's and 80's well not that I don't like some current songs it's just.. almost every song that means to me is from those years so choosing a band would be kinda hard add on that it should fit our budget plus Jowaness only wants acoustic (pianist,percussion and singer) haiz!! but how could some dancing happen if its just a 3 piece I would love to have a 4 - 5 piece band and remember my post about our first dance songs the band should have a saxophone player I can't imagine us dancing to a CD version when we have a band it's weird or a waste of good resources.. hmmm? how could I convince Jowaness???

Anyways, like my other planning adventure on finding suppliers I asked Girl Talk and as of now here are my top choices, would update this if I find a band that would make it to our list.

1.  Madz and Dzhei (Madz Harmony)

Is It You by Madz and Dzhei Band

The Prayer by Madz and Dzhei Band

Contact: Madz Alcoy
HP Number: +63915661320

2. Infinite Soul Acoustic

 Kiss Me by Infinite Soul Acoustic

Nothings Gonna Stop by Infinite Soul Acoustic

Contct:Monica Romerosa
Telephone Number:(63) 917-549-8169
Youtube: Infinite Soul Acoustic

3. Musik Qlass

 More Today Than Yesterday by Jason of Muzik Qlass 

You Don_t Know Me by Papa Doms of MuzikQlass 

What the World Needs Now by Thinne of MuzikQlass 

Contact:Christine Vicente and Jason Madrigal
Telephone Number: +639053555535 / 


4. Sound Salad

Betcha by Golly Wow by Benjie of Sound Salad

I just wanna stop by Benjie of Sound Salad

Contact: Nina Comsti
Telephone Number: +639279092967
Facebook: Sound Salad
Youtube: Sound Salad

So what's next??

Like my other prospect suppliers I am stalking them in FB and Youtube reading reviews about them, I do have 2 favorites and one of them I really really love if budget is not an issue haiz!! Decisions!!! Maybe should ask Jowaness to watch them if they have a gig :-)

Who do you think would make it to my supplier page?

BTW, I am accepting suggestions too :-)



  1. For me, here are my choices... as per chronological order.... ^_^

    1.Musik Qlass - just because I felt the "vibe" while they were performing...
    2.Madz and Dzhei (Madz Harmony) - nice to listen to ...
    3.Benjie of Sound Salad - medyo gimik banda ang dating eh... pero oks naman.
    4. Infinite Soul Acoustic - zzzzzzzzz... or baka wrong song choice lang for this posted vid...
    just sayin' ... heehee!

  2. I really like the sound of "Sound Salad" will be good for your first dance and the after party wooohoo!

  3. Thank Icar and Jamiin :-) after party dancing hehehehehe

  4. nice!!! anything is good!!! old school is good ya? ok i"ve read ur blog dont say i nv read hehehehehehehe =)



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